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  1. Did you accidentally post three identical threads?
  2. I ran 2 15's then switched to 2 18's, I loved the sound of the 18's. There are a ton of variables but what I do notice is that I'm willing to bet that your amp doesn't do rated power. I think you might run a single sub better then a pair if you are looking at 2 15's or a single 18 of the same model.
  3. I know, I've debated using them but I think there is clearance issues with fitment on a 6'5" woofer and I assumed a 6x9 would be better then a 5.25". I could be wrong of course, I am mainly trying to avoid cutting anything on the car.
  4. One thing I considered was 6x9 separates but the midbass in the door and the tweeter in the dash is an awful lot of separation. I thought about 6.5" components but need to see if they will fit, a lot of people say they needed to go to 5.25" components because of clearance issues in the door.
  5. Long time no see... I bought a 2017 challenger scat pack with the 6 speaker alpine system(complete garbage). I'm going to try out the new idatalink maestro ar with the Kenwood Excelon XR600-6DSP to get rid of the crappy bass correction from the stock amplifier. Here's what I'm trying to accomplish. I am not trying to build a crazy spl rig, I'm also trying to not go crazy in the sq department. I have chased both of those goals and it's just a never ending money pit. I'm looking to put together a well rounded system that I can rock out with. I'm looking for impact, I want symbols and snare drums to **** near hurt your ears like they would live. The equipment list so far is: -Stock head unit(this cannot be changed, to many functions run through this head unit). -Idatalink maestro ar to get good signal to amps. -Kenwood Excelon XR600-6DSP For front stage amp, thinking of bridging 2 channels for each door. -Focal Performance 690AC In the doors -For the dash I was just going to throw in some Memphis 3.5" coaxial that I have lying around in the garage. -Rear speaker will be left alone for now. -Sub stage will be a 12" w6v3 in the JL h/o box. -Sub will be powered by a JL XD1000/1. I thought about going components in the door but I'm just looking to get enjoy some rock/metal, not really looking to critically listen to classical music. Let me know what you guys think. I'll post some pics later.