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  1. That will buff right out. Meguiars makes some great car care stuff
  2. docutech

    No Bass Sucks

    Buy my $hit=Bass
  3. I lol'ed like a mo'fo
  4. 2008 Genuine Buddy 125 Averaging 97 miles per gallon
  5. Meh, I am sure it wangs! Nice install!
  6. docutech

    McIntosh Porn

    Hey ya'll! It has been quite some time since I have posted here. I have been quite busy with othr things Last night I had a chance to visit a local audio shop (The Sound Room) which was recently authorized to be able to sell McIntosh products. This one of only 2 stores to be certified as an authorized dealer in the St. Louis area. The other store that sells Mac's is awfull! High pressure sales and prices that are padded to the max! Anyway, I had a chance to sit and listen for a while and to this day McIntosh amazes me with their line of products. Now they have TUBE amps Only in production for about a month, these beauties are selling like hotcakes! At a mere $11K each they are to be a bargain! Here is a shot of one of the listening rooms. The XR27 Line Arrays are being driven by the MC2301 tube amps. A MT10 serves as a vinyl source, there is a 750gig music server (MS750), a MDA 1000 DAC for sound tweaks and a C2300 tube preamp. Total cost (not including cables or interconnects) $85,000.00 The other listening room was a HT/Audio combo. C1000 tube preamp, MX120 Home Theater Processor, VP1000 Video processor (SD/HD scaler, converts to 1080p), MS750 music server, Bowers & Wilkins 802D's driven with the MC1.2KW monoblock amps, center channel was either a 2D or 3S (not sure). Cost? I dont know, I didnt ask. Had a great time. By the way, they had a one day only 10% off sale yesterday for any item bought...lol:crazy: Hope you enjoy the pics.
  7. docutech

    hey guys its amandaaaaaaaa

    Not a "rep" but yes, the X pays the bills
  8. docutech

    hey guys its amandaaaaaaaa

    She is kind-of-hot I could be her daddy...
  9. docutech

    Bass track thread!

    http://www.download.com/WinRAR/3000-2250_4-10007677.html?tag=lst-2&cdlPid=10745708 * edit * you gotta pay for that one too...sorry, didnt see it.
  10. Is there a aftermarket harness that can be added to the Stock HU (has 6disk changer and XM) to hook up a zune?
  11. docutech

    DVD player issue....

    Sounds like the Samsung up-convert POS I bought once. I exchanged it 3 times and each one did the same thing. It would lock up during a movie and the only way to get it going again was to pull the plug. I got my money back and purchased a "real" dvd player. Oppo DV-981HD;)
  12. docutech

    Alpine CDA9855 HELP ME!!!?!?!?

    I agree, if it didnt fit why force it? I have the same HU and the same Ipod adapter. It was so easy to hook up a caveman could do it. I have a feeling you just fried your HU.
  13. Am I not able to reply to a post in the equipment reviews section? if so, why not?
  14. It is ticking me off! I get a message that I dont have permission to reply to a post! WTF?