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  1. SilverSquared

    anyone tried rockville subs for fun? it looks pretty good for $49

    I put a Rockville RMW8P sub in my nieces's car for Christmas. Alpine makes one IDENTICAL to it. The Rockville was $65. The Alpine is $250. I brought her car to the local audio shop to actually drop the Alpine unit in the car to see IF it was any better. It, sadly, was not. The cheap Rockville sounded FAR better than the Alpine. Maybe the Zeus 1200.1 wasnt enough for the Alpine sub with accordion surround. I am actually putting together a system for my wife's new CX-5. The amp will be an RXH-F5, 5 channel. The door replacement speakers will be 8" coaxials and a sub enclosure in the spare well with a single 10". I've done this same setup before in a '90 Blazer fullsize, and I was very impressed with it overall. They do their CEA ratings pretty well. With that being said, I do like the brand in general. Rockville. https://www.rockvilleaudio.com/rmw8p/ Alpine. https://alpine-usa.com/product/view/sbr-s8-4/ 5 Channel Rockville amp. https://www.rockvilleaudio.com/rxh-f5/ 8" Coaxial Marine Speakers. https://www.rockvilleaudio.com/2-rmsts80b/
  2. SilverSquared

    Jvc kw-m730bt

    I was thinking on swinging for the 9903. Which will most likely get cheaper in the next couple months. It's $549 to $579 most places right now. Working on amps and subs first though. Nothing extravagant, but an upgrade, nonetheless.
  3. SilverSquared

    Jvc kw-m730bt

    Im still debating which JVC or Kenwood unit I want. Still loving the 730?
  4. If you like working on cars....95 to 99 Eclipse. 97 to 99 to be better. Fire 1 sub up to the rear glass, port to the rear...its like a **** megaphone for bass. AND its far heavier than a CRX. I dont know why ppl dont use it more. Maybe because the engines are arent reliable to spirited drivers.
  5. SilverSquared

    pioneer vs kenwood double dins....

    In 2015 I had first bought a Sony 710 DD. I was sure Sony had gotten FAR better in quality. I swapped out my Bose Nav unit with the Sony. Before I could get my amps and components in, the Sony killed it. Upon reading my iPod Classic 160gb, which took OVER 2 HOURS...it was slow to act on the commands. When it locked up, ALL settings went 100%. Bass, Mid, Treble, Volume...and the only way to get it back was to turn off the vehicle or pull fuse. So, I brought it back. Got a brand new Pioneer NEX 4k model. Holy noise hell. I have NEVER heard so much whistle, whine, and pop. Each screen press, CD fast forward, Track advance, EVERYTHING had a different noise. But. I dealt with it until I put in my amps and speakers. Thinking the Sony's issue messed up the Bose system. However, installing the amps/speakers made it MUCH worse. So...brought it back, got refund. On the way home with a huge opening in the middle of my dash I stopped by BB. Picked up a JVC KW-V41BT. Still in my truck today. It's a 2014 Head unit, as the year is on the startup. I have absolutely ZERO noise on this unit. I have NOT had 1 single issue with it. It has 3 way cross over settings that are MORE than adequate for what I need and do. The screen is highly visible at the stock/flat angle, and its pretty well lit. When I purchased it was discounted a bit, so it was hard to pass. Glad I bought it. Even today. Sony total cost from CarToys was just under $600. Pioneer total cost from CarToys was same, as they swapped it straight, even though Pioneer was $25 more. JVC total cost from BestBuy was under $300. Half the price. No control issues. No noise issues. And it does sound VERY good. I am changing it out by the end of the year. My nephew wants it very badly for the system in his Colorado, so I will give it to him and get a new model Kenwood Excelon, most models I want are upwards of $500 now. (hate to see a CD slot in the face if I dont use CDs all the time, but dont want mechless incase I toss an old disc in)
  6. SilverSquared

    6 12's vs 4 15's

    I met him at a couple of competitions (Crazy Ralphs and MST Audio) and I'll be honest, I didnt care for him one bit. Then after he left CR to pursue his own thing with Tantric (and RnR for CR)....I saw almost all of his stuff being resold in a matter of months. I thought it was funny really. Sadly though, the most impressive thing he said "You know the company Soundstream? Well I designed and built the T5 and T6 subs"