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  1. snoopdan

    FS: Atomic 5kw

    Back to $600 plus shipping.
  2. You're saying that chris at DB-R is the second comming of jesus or something. He's not. He'll tell you that. People in Louisville should feel lucky they have Autosound as a local place to get amps repaired since they don't have to ship and pray it comes back. Chris at DB-r is a great resouce for repairing amps....no doubt...but if you can get it done locally, then...get it done!
  3. and chris will smother you in db's? sense, make some.
  4. snoopdan

    FS: Atomic 5kw

    $500 today, $600 next weekend brah.
  5. But they're local so if you have a problem with an amp you can mob them. Can't quite do that to Chris since he's in Waller Texas.
  6. years ago I had two powerbass 1500's in the girlfriends car that smoked, and they fixed both for $200
  7. snoopdan

    FS: Atomic 5kw

    BLACK FRIDAY SALE $500 plus shipping only tonight
  8. Autosound isn't bad really. I have had a couple amps fixed by them.
  9. I guess your not buying my amp...lulz.
  10. snoopdan

    FS: Atomic 5kw

    I love you too. Bump. This forum is worthless besides the classifieds.
  11. This, I literally LOL'ed the first time I ever saw their product.
  12. snoopdan

    FS: Atomic 5kw

    Loudest amplifier in the known universe
  13. snoopdan

    Massive Audio Nano Bit BX4 review

    also its 480 x 1 in mono mode.
  14. snoopdan

    Massive Audio Nano Bit BX4 review

    You might want to use a different place to host pics like photobucket. The pics are blocked for me at work, and we use websense filters like most companies.