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  1. I just got back into the market for the first time in a long time and have found some insane deals on some used stuff through craigslist/ebay. I'm not sure if the prices are so much cheaper than new prices because of the natural risk in buying an electrical product where its tough to measure how hard/long the product has been used, or whether its cheap because its stolen. Does anyone on here actively buy/sell used sub/amps and have any tips to look out for to ensure that im not buying stolen/damaged products? $600 for a w6 and 2 extra jl amps (500/1 and xxx/4, cant remember off the top of my head) is just wayyy too cheap to be legit right?
  2. Alright, when I got my first ride when I was 18 I did a bunch of research here before buying my setup. I ended up with 2 12" Resonant Engineering SE's with a 1200 rms RE amp powering them, which I got super cheap when we did a group order through here as a forum. I did some research just now and it doesn't really look like anyone sells the RE's anymore, even in their new SEX line, is there anyone comparable to look into/ what happened to RE? everyone on here was really high on them back in the day. Also, i had a JL audio 300/2 amp that i used for my front component speakers. the amp actually still works great 13 years later, and I want another one, but it appears they changed their line as well. If anyone could point me to their closest current model amp with around the same rms to a pair of front components thatd be great. I know my terminology is loose, thanks for bearing with me.