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    normal boring guy who spends way more on audio than the cars worth
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  1. djarmy2004

    2 FI q 15teens fully upgraded from fi

    ty for the response timmy
  2. djarmy2004

    2 FI q 15teens fully upgraded from fi

    i sent you a pm last night. i would like better pics of the coils with readings if you dont mind. 270-889-7176
  3. i have seen guys throw 3k+ at them for daily but i only have 1800 on each woofer. With one i had before i had 3600 on one and it had no problems taking it
  4. T T T come guys, someone buy these
  5. All three for one sub??? whats wrong with them?
  6. bumping it up to the top
  7. Only trades would be for a Samsung Note 10.1 tablet
  8. can you send me some pics of them