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  1. imtjnotu bought a comp set from me paid super fast. A+
  2. DaGh0st

    Trunk Setup Opinion?

    Back. Whenever i made a box with sub up i hated it, way to much trunk/rear deck flex
  3. DaGh0st

    Trunk Setup Opinion?

    Port to rear 1 15"
  4. DaGh0st

    159.9 bass race ppl lookout

  5. Looking good so far,Running wires through the port or putting in a terminal?
  6. DaGh0st

    FI Online Ordering?

    back when i bought my SSD it took 2 weeks start to finish,but that was back in the day FI was just coming around.
  7. DaGh0st

    4 15s

  8. DaGh0st

    3 18" MTs in a sierra

    In for pic/results.
  9. i got a set of CDT's im letting go pretty cheap great condition.
  10. DaGh0st

    WTB: nice set of 6.5 comps.

    I have a CDT set im selling cheap and sound great.
  11. DaGh0st

    WTB HU, amp, and speakers

    i have a CDT comp set pm me for info.
  12. 15" D1 Incriminator Audio Death Row. and a nice comp set.
  13. DaGh0st

    I CAN HAZ 4500w for $300?!

    Wow...Great find.