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    car audio , car custimization , photoshop , play pool , race , drifting in the snow.
  1. audiobahnuser18

    Im back Now , But now im gone Peace.

    Newage you were one of the good guys bro man im sick of the b.s. here not the first time they done to me. But im done with here bro If anyone want's to reach me go in my profile there is my aim sn.
  2. So whoever banned me for no reason till March 3rd Fck off i don't really care if you ban me from these forums again cause im no longer coming here anymore. fck you guy's the good guys on here though u know who you are you shall be missed. But im now on a diff. forum because the mod's on here besides denim and some others are fcked up and have no idea how to run these forums cause they let to much b.s. get by. Such as *Scammers getting away to easily *Sometimes not even looking into the situation. *To much b.s. goes on in these forums. *Banning people for either stupid reasons or no reason at all. *If you wanna ban me again i could care less cause im now on a diffrent forum so whoever wanted to ban me for no reason this goes out to your stupid ass. Much thanks to the people on here that are good and deserve the credit of being a mod because most of the one's here suck.
  3. audiobahnuser18

    **Pics** Lets see your ride **Pics**

    Very nice mustang man deff looks real nice. Any engine mods?
  4. audiobahnuser18

    For sale or trade

    Free bump for a good guy.
  5. audiobahnuser18

    :) System done....Question about fronts

    GET RID OF THE CHEAP POS HU. Invest in a good one:D.
  6. audiobahnuser18

    JBLCAMRY's re-do ****pics****

    haha yeah JBL i like that carbon also. Deff nice choice:D.
  7. audiobahnuser18

    JBLCAMRY's re-do ****pics****

    very nice man The Techflex lookn real good cleans it up nice. I was actually just searchn techflex today on ebay to haha.
  8. audiobahnuser18

    Need a Logo , design , signature banner etc....

    Is it Considered spam? I seriously didn't know psycho sry man i put in misc. 4 sale threads.
  9. 1. Product: CandJ Design. Please visit our website also http://www.candjdesign.t35.com this website is always underway in construction so please bare with us. 3. Description/Condition: My partner & I are a free-lance company. We do this on the side. We however can do anything you just about want as far as graphics go some website designing we also do. We can do anything from logos , banners , signatures , photoedit's etc... 4. Price: : All depends on work being done we will work with you 100% of the way.
  10. audiobahnuser18

    Frank the Bunny Mask V.2

    Donnie Darko=BADASS Movie:D. Free bump 4 u .
  11. audiobahnuser18

    Need a logo made, paypal willing.

    Just sent you an email JB
  12. audiobahnuser18

    Need a logo made, paypal willing.

    My partner & I are working on something right now sir.
  13. audiobahnuser18

    ipod question

    my 9987 has where u just buy the ipod cable works great:D.
  14. audiobahnuser18

    Just my luck!

    Id pick up the Adire mids that are for sale on the forums here for sale now. If i had the cash id pick em up.