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  1. dleccord

    reputable places to send head units in for repair?

    alpine but i have no warranty unfortunately
  2. anyone know any good places to send their decks in? mines out of warranty and i dont want to pay half of the units worth to get it serviced. thanks
  3. dleccord

    FS: Minolta DSLR

    Taken with a Sony A200 on aperture mode.
  4. dleccord

    FS: Minolta DSLR

    i have a minolta dslr the 7000 model. it comes with the minolta 70-210mm f4 lens with original front and rear caps and b + w 55mm filter. does not include body cap as shown in the picture but you will get the body, flash, and the lens. my return policy is 3 days and i will only ship within the states. serial # on 70-210: 42101841. asking $160 + shipping. thanks
  5. dleccord

    F/S New snowboarding gear

    you snow board in mexico?
  6. dleccord

    True Religion and Seven Jeans

    you got some size 48x26?
  7. dleccord

    WTB 2001-03 Honda Civic/Accord

    dont the accords have high transmission failure rates?
  8. lemme know what you got. not looking for a pda. simple and basic clean lookin bar phone is good.
  9. dleccord

    FS: BNWT True Religion Jeans

    do you got size 46?
  10. 1. Sony USB Flobby Drive $3 2. Cooler Master Hyper TX2 CPU Cooler $5 (Link) 3. Samsung 80gb Hard drive IDE SP0802N $10 4. OCZ DDR2 2GB PC6400 800MHz OCZ2G800R22GK LIFETIME WARRANTY $25 5. Dell Ram PC2 4200 533mhz $5 (2x256mb) 6. Linksys Wireless G Notebook Adapter $4 7. D-Link Wireless G Router WBR-1310 (Link) $10 8. ATI Radeon 2900 Pro 512bit 512mb (Link) $75 9. Sony Lithium Battery Pack (Link) NP-FG1 $20 10. T-Mobile Reill Card (not sure what to say, it came with my prepaid phone but has never been used) - Make Offer 11. Intel Stock Cpu fan $3 12. Seagate 7200.9 80gb SATA $13
  11. maybe at the end of fall.
  12. dleccord

    Taylor MI show *PICS*

    who is that in your avatar?
  13. dleccord

    Ocz Pc-6400 Ddr2

  14. that's actually too much power. jk. thats more than enough. the card has a 6pin and 8pin power adapter.