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  1. mikeyboc

    Onkyo 605 or 705

    I am looking for a new receiver, pretty much narrowed it down to the Onkyo 605 and the 705. Here is the catch, if I get the 605, I can also get the Logitech Harmony 1000 touchscreen remote . . . no cool remote with the 705. I will be hooking up an Xbox 360 and HD Dish DVR via HDMI. Upscaling DVD player can be hooked up via HDMI or comp and I don't think it would make a difference. Hopefully will be purchasing a PS3 or BD player within the next 6 mos or so. (can use comp for the HD DVR, and free up an HDMI). The remote would be nice, but I am weighing that against the 705's ability to matrix 7.1 out of less. Opinions?
  2. mikeyboc

    Onkyo 605/705

    Saw it on Amazon for under $400 shipped last night.
  3. mikeyboc

    Onkyo 605/705

    Anyway you can PM me a ticket number? Just thought I would ask, and I would just have them match it.
  4. mikeyboc

    Onkyo 605/705

    7.1 would be nice, but not a "must have", I think I will keep an eye out and see if there are any deals on the 705. Having a hard time justifying the extra couple hundred bucks for my use.
  5. mikeyboc

    Onkyo 605/705

  6. mikeyboc

    Onkyo 605/705

    The 705 has an imput that looks like a VGA/DVI connection, labeled rs32. The 605 does not have it. What is it used for? Just trying to figure out if the extra $$$$ is worth it for the 705.
  7. mikeyboc


    http://www.coolnaviusa.com/700.html Just curious if anyone has ever dealt/used one of these, or had any opinions.
  8. Saw somewhere, a guy actually took apart a tablet pc and installed it in the dash of his FX35. Bad ass install.
  9. mikeyboc

    Dallas Show 10/8

    I hear all you have to do is buy the cup and then all you can drink! Honestly, though, that would be the way to get some turnout.
  10. mikeyboc

    look what fedex delivered

    I want the fedex man to come by again, I am beginning to miss that fvcker.
  11. mikeyboc

    Ipod Question??

    I think I remember reading about software that lets you take songs off your IPOD without using the Itunes software. I can't remember the name off the top of my head, but hopefully someone will chime in with it.
  12. mikeyboc

    TCAB Myspace Page??

    does my vote count?
  13. mikeyboc

    TCAB Myspace Page??

    This is funny. Yea, I got my refund, but let's see what I had to go through to get it: Many months of phone calls, emails, PM's Letter from attorney Report him to FBI Report him to IRS Report him to local PD Finally, another letter from my attorney with all the relevent information from those files above, and a time limit before a lien was filed against his personal property. There was no legit business, therefore he is not protected by any business entity for those who are interested. File a claim in JP court (I believe) for $50 bucks. In the petition claim attorney fees of no less than $20K + expenses. When he doesn't show for the set date, you geta summary judgement against him. Which then you can file as a lien in IL against him. Best part is, this can all be done from where you are without having to go or know someone near him. I was 2 days away from having a lien on his property of $25K when I got my money order.
  14. mikeyboc

    TCAB Myspace Page??

    Regardless of if the association between your team and TBAG is legitimate or deserving, the fact remains that the general consesus is makeing the link and not differentiating between the two. Right or wrong, it still is happening. So, you can sever the link, or tolerate the bad rap that is being tossed around. Your team, I don't realy care either way. IMO, most of you seem like nice guys, and it would be easier to disassociate then continue the shit fest.
  15. mikeyboc

    TCAB Myspace Page??

    They keep coming up because he is still a shit bag. I personally try not to associate with shit bags, because eventually you will get some on you. Guess your team hasn't figured that out yet. edit: and I don't have anything aginst you guys after you atleast showed an effort to help out