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  2. AnthonyO

    What the hell is this thing?

    Quite a few companies are making these now. CDT is the only one I would trust. Back in the 90's these were pretty big sellers. We could add a little bass to a vehicle with NO space taken at all with one of these. They work best in hatchbacks but you can get a little output on a sedan
  3. Doing this slowly but surely. Want to make sure I make NO mistakes whatsoever. 1 Skar RP800.1 1 Skar SDR12d2 1 6" Crossflow fan 1 NVX Ground Distribution and 1 NVX fused power distribution Utilizing factory head-unit thru an AudioControl LC2i Yesterday I installed the amp, fan, LC2i, and distribution blocks. Since they are on Styrofoam bracing was added to the bottom. Today I ran 4 gauge OFC NVX wire from the amp to distribution blocks. Power and ground from the distribution blocks to the LC2i. Remote out from the LC2i to the amp and fan. And the streetwires RCA's from LC2i to amp. Just have to run the 2/0 Excelene to the power distribution and 2/0 Excelene ground to distribution. Then pull the head-unit and plug in my jumper harness. Run the speaker wire and accessory wire from the jumper harness back to the LC2i. Run my 10 gauge OFC speaker wire to the enclosure and I am done. Probably finish some time next week while I am on vacation.
  4. AnthonyO

    got box covered in vynil

    Looks good man
  5. AnthonyO

    whats the best 6"-8" sub

    Best 8's I have owned have been Cadence S2W8. Hard as hell to find now. But they kicked ass
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  7. AnthonyO

    Welcome back

    This is weird. But hey the reset your password feature actually works again
  8. AnthonyO

    A little test fitting before install

    just sent you a PM. You're gonna shit when you see the price And yes that price was with kerfed port
  9. AnthonyO

    Single 12" / Amplifier $400 Budget

    I have tried Soundqubed back a few years ago. The HDS315. I freaking hated it. No matter what enclosure I put it in, it sounded like poop. Don't get me wrong, it got loud. just sounded like poop doing it. But I was coming from an American Bass XFL15 which sounded great in just about any enclosure you put it in. I just wanted something that took less power and was not happy.
  10. AnthonyO

    Single 12" / Amplifier $400 Budget

    I have ran XFL15 in the past. Straight up beast. It's all up to what you want to run and how big of an enclosure you want. I know my XFL 15 loved power and took 2k all day.
  11. AnthonyO

    Single 12" / Amplifier $400 Budget

    https://www.skaraudio.com/collections/ddx-series/products/ddx-12-subwoofer?variant=18101246529 $159.99 https://www.skaraudio.com/collections/rp-car-audio-amplifiers/products/rp-1200-1d $159.99 I used to hate on Skar Audio like every body else. I thought the owner was a complete douche. But their customer service has been superb. And I have had nothing but good luck with their products.
  12. I did some test fitting the other day. Now to get off my *** and finish the install. Skar SDR12d2 in a Starr Mountain Sound custom enclosure. Powered by Skar RP800.1. Running factory headunit utilizing an AudioControl LC2i. 2/0 Excelene welding cable to distribution blocks and 4 gauge NVX OFC to amp.
  13. AnthonyO

    Compact Handgun

    Theres is $35.99 for 2, with the 20% discount I paid $40. I'm not gonna complain too much about that.
  14. AnthonyO

    Compact Handgun

    Oh and I ordered LCP® II Magazine, 6-Round .380 Auto Magazine Value 2-Pack-ShopRuger and LCP® II Grip Wrap-ShopRuger bought the grip wrap because of recommendation from hickok45