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  1. Slo_Ride

    Random Picture Thread

    Wrong section bro. If I have to use the video section then everybody has to use the video section.
  2. Slo_Ride

    Random Picture Thread

    I'm so glad she didn't die in that wreck but it seriously may of been the best thing to ever happen to her.
  3. Pretty much this. I assume you've got an older car and the joint on the mirror is worn and loose. If you want to keep the mirror then set it where you want and epoxy that bitch in place. Cardboard will not help at all.
  4. Slo_Ride

    New show to watch

    So after last week I had to check out AGT Champions again and the little girl that sang Rachel Platten's "Fight Song" was crazy good. I really enjoy this show.
  5. Slo_Ride

    American bass VFL-8" woofer depth?