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  1. Slo_Ride

    Random Picture Thread

    When you gonna send me some a way ticket. Make it two.
  2. Slo_Ride

    Random Picture Thread

    Not the same. Noses are completely different.
  3. Slo_Ride

    Podcast Thread

    Annie Jacobsen on JRE was good shit. Love her voice, I could listen to her all day.
  4. Slo_Ride

    Random Picture Thread

    Lmao, but see post #3787.
  5. Slo_Ride

    Random Picture Thread

    I love this pic of an old library in Cincinnati. Ashamed it was destroyed in 1955.
  6. Slo_Ride

    Random Picture Thread

    Billionaire Robert Smith, who received an honary doctorate from Atlanta's Morehouse College will pay off school loans of 2019 grads. Cool move my man!
  7. Slo_Ride

    Random Picture Thread

    I dare a motherfucker to put pineapple on my f*****g pizza.
  8. Slo_Ride

    Random Picture Thread

    Love her and everything, I'll give her an E for effort, but there's only one Grace Kelly.
  9. Slo_Ride

    THE Thread

    Coppers got the choppers out tonight looking for the bad guy.
  10. Slo_Ride

    Podcast Thread

    The DJD will be a good one tomorrow with Mike Helton, NASCAR COO, President, and Vice Chairman