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  1. Slo_Ride

    Random Picture Thread

    Not only do I love this pic but I love the caption, "Sometimes you say f**k that fancy shit, gimme a beer and a snapback". That's Bob Saget's wife. Total hotness.
  2. Slo_Ride

    Random Picture Thread

    The white trucks or the white chicks? 😛
  3. Slo_Ride

    Random Picture Thread

    Just turned 18 a couple weeks ago.
  4. Slo_Ride

    NFL 2018

    Wow. Speechless. Just shaking my head. Chiefs Lose. 29-28.
  5. Slo_Ride

    Random Picture Thread

    She is hot.
  6. Slo_Ride

    NFL 2018

    28-14 Chiefs
  7. Slo_Ride

    NFL 2018

    14-0 Chiefs Td pass number 45. Most tds in one season 55. This is is rookie bro. A f*****g rookie!
  8. Slo_Ride

    Random Picture Thread

    I'd like to think though, that @Administrator is smart enough to know what's acceptable and what's not. If it's allowed on IG, Twitter, YT, etc then it should be allowed here. We aren't posting any nudity. Shit got ridiculous for a minute but I think this forum is headed in the right direction now. Only the classifieds need moderating.
  9. Slo_Ride

    NFL 2018

    Td Chiefs. Bro know I ive said this but it's unbelievable. Patrick Mahomes is amazing. I haven't loved football as much as I do now since I was a child whatching Montana and the 49ers.
  10. Slo_Ride

    NFL 2018

    KC intercepts the ball on the second play from scrimmage.