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  1. Could of sold you one about six months ago, but I'm out. I had nine of them.
  2. Loving some Dead By Daylight lately.
  3. Go for it bro. sac this bitch up.
  4. There's also a seperate food thread now. I don't really care tho just f*****g with you.
  5. Where do you shop? I usually buy my meat from Kroger and it's always good.
  6. Lol, just got down grilling some ribeyes. Probably wont post pics till tomorrow.
  7. Found out some info today. These were built in the 1830's and were used to transport soldiers, ammo, and equipment during the Civil War to and from the Confederate Infantry Base that was across the street from my property. Also was told that long ago there was a general store on my property and that's why I keep finding all the old bottles.