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  1. Slo_Ride

    Cadence quality

    You may be the weakest troll I've ever know. I'll continue to try to prop you up, but damn son, at least try to be clever.
  2. Slo_Ride

    Cadence quality

    But yet people will still find a reason to Hate the big companies such as R.F. I've never had a single problem with any big brand amp I've ever owned and they've always put out more than rated power. MTX, R.F., Kicker, JL, etc.
  3. Slo_Ride

    Enclosure viewing window

    Use plexi bro. Why are you trying to use glass?
  4. Slo_Ride

    Need help choosing a sub

    Well good luck then bro.
  5. Slo_Ride

    Need help choosing a sub

    Any particular reason as to why you want to use eights? 4000 watts on four cheap eights ain't gonna work. If you're cheaping out on subs I hope you spent the money necessary to upgrade you electrical. By far my fav 8 is the F8L, but its above your price range.
  6. Slo_Ride

    boland audio

    Why did they stop using them?
  7. Slo_Ride

    Head light dimming

    Wow that's a whole bunch of suckage in a nice ride. No easy answer really ( least not for you). The newer Imp has less room for add ons. You'll need to increase efficiency with better gear and looking into more output from the cars electrical system.
  8. Slo_Ride

    whats the best 6"-8" sub

    Those are great questions. Many people are trying to squeeze as much as possible into a tight space and a fraction of inch can sometimes be a go/no go situation. Give him time to respond, he's a busy man these days.
  9. Slo_Ride


    Bet it's Papermaker. Lulz. Either way it's a very sad individual.
  10. Slo_Ride


    Somebody's trollin'. I actual hope not though because I have a serious question for Daniel Newhouse.
  11. Slo_Ride

    Classified Rules

    Ah, gotcha. Yeah, I agree. Needs to be there too.
  12. Slo_Ride

    Classified Rules

    Still there bro.
  13. Slo_Ride


  14. Slo_Ride

    Rattle from subwoofer

    Bet the sub with the rattle is the one closest to the port, isn't it?
  15. Slo_Ride

    got box covered in vynil

    Throw this fucker on the grill and feed it to the slackers you're buying food for. Win win win.