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  1. Slo_Ride

    Dale Jr.

    Dying sucks all the ass. Imma go grill some steaks and drink some cold beer.
  2. Slo_Ride

    Random Picture Thread

    I approve of all of these especially the water bottle and plastic bag ones. f*****g water bottles everywhere.
  3. Slo_Ride

    Random Picture Thread

    Stupid people. All you can do the is laugh at em. This was taken from the top of Stone Mountain, been there many times. Also the "cities" you see aren't 16 miles apart. The buildings in the background are downtown Atl, midtown Atl, and Buckhead, 7-8 miles away.
  4. Slo_Ride

    Random Picture Thread

    Monday just got better.
  5. Slo_Ride

    Random Picture Thread

    Earth day isn't flat and global warming is real.
  6. Slo_Ride

    Dale Jr.

    Damn Dale Jr's mom died this morning.
  7. Slo_Ride

    Random Picture Thread

    Don't know bro, and it's owned by a chick.