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  1. Here are some more pics of the mmats m1400.1 including the mounting hole showing it was never installed
  2. Yes my 250 was a typo. Posting from smartphones has made proofing more difficult
  3. mmats m1400.1, Mmats mpa470 both items are brand new and never been installed. Mpa470 is 10/10 mechanically and 10/10 cosmetically, m1400.1 is 10/10 mechanically and 9.5/10 cosmetically (small black discoloration from factory about 1/2" by 1") mpa470 $215, m1400.1 $350 Shipping to anywhere in north america
  4. PPI par245: brand new never installed PPI par245 10/10 both mechanicaly and cosmeticly, comes with box manual and all mounting hardware brand new still sealed in ziploc baggie $200 Shipping to anywhere in north america:
  5. new kicker ss56.2 components, great condition DLS iridium dui6.5 woofers kicker ss56.2 brand new in box. So perfect in every aspect. DLS iridium du6i woofers 9/10 cosmeticly 8/10 mechanically. kicker ss56.2 $300 Dls iridium $250 Item loved the dls I had them in a three way setup with 40rms on them for about a year. They were the most amazing speakers I have ever owned The kicker ss56.2. From all the reviews I've seen are to this day the finest sq driver kicker has produced. : Will take partial or full trades from the following items. A nice single din head unit, a nice crossover for between my preamp/eq and my amps For quickest response email me at metaspec@gmail.com Mike
  6. I was going to my air conditioned storage unit and I came across some old school car audio stuff, I want to know if they're still good by today's standards if I can use them and what there worth. First up par245 I was thinking of using it. It's brand new, never been installed Next up are a set of new kicker ss56.2 Of I also found some 6.5" dls iridium woofers
  7. Looking for something to go in between a iPod touch or iPhone and my headunits using the 30 pin connector for both the input and output. I know Fostex has the hp-p1, and that uses the 30 pin for input, but an 3.5 aux for the output. I don't mind spending money to improve the sound quality, especially below 50hz. I searched and found that Memphis has the bass 2.2 that works like a preamp, but I'm hoping to find something that is moveable. And I can use in the car, or with other devices I have that use the iPods 30 pin for audio input. Or does anyone know of a way to improve the 50hz and below output on these devices. I know in iTunes I can change the compression and that will accomplish what I want, but I haven't bought a cd in 5 years, all my music is downloaded right from iTunes, so that doesn't help me. Thanks
  8. 4 channel good sq amp with 100x4 or 150x4 A 5 channel amp. With at minimum 500rms on the sub The smaller the footprint the better: Going to be hidden so all I care about is that it is 10/10 mechanicaly Cash in hand. Will pay what it's worth Shipping to Naples fl: Please email me at metaspec@gmail.com for the quickest response
  9. I listed what I would trade for. A 5 channel. Digital amp with at least 500rms. On the sub
  10. Mmats M1400.1D never powered on, new but taken out of box and un wrapped: $250 or will trade for a channel amp with at least 500rms for the sub: Shipping at buyers expense
  11. TypeR0149

    WTS/WTT Alpine PDX 4.150

    Pm sent with my email Addy, reply to that, don't know if I'll be on the forum tonight
  12. I know a normal Video iPod works with my system but neither my wifes or my iPod nano dont get reconized with my z2 they both have the latest software updates any idea's
  13. TypeR0149

    New Havoc

    I was wondering how you guys would classify this sub. what would you compare it to. why would you chose it or not chose it over another Driver
  14. i have ripped all my CD's into Itunes, and downloaded about 200 songs threw iTunes. whats the best way to setup my iPod or my Avic Z2 for best possible performance, also do you get all the subsonic frequancys the same from a ipod as you do on a CD. also I have to buy a new iPod. whats the best ipod to get. with storage not being a issue(i dont care if it is 8gb or 30gb) im looking for audio quality
  15. well im back in the car audio scene. since selling my bass race 4 18" yukon(ill include a pick for the new members) i have been into performance cars. well im doing the best best of both worlds now new SRT-8 jeep Headunit Pioneer Avic Z2 Amps (1) Kicker SX700.4 (mids&highs) (2) Kicker SX1250.1 (subs) Speakers Front - DLS Iridium 6.3 (3 ways) rear - DLS iridium 6.2 (2 ways) Subs - (8) 10" Ascendent Audio Arsenals( 8-10 cubes tunned to 32hz) will have pics up in the next month