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  1. Blazin_Jason

    2 sets of front door comps, good, bad, other?

    Sure a lot of choices. Going with some PA either SQ or crescendo, 2 6.5's and 1 tweeter, would be a cheaper option. More to think about!
  2. Blazin_Jason

    2 sets of front door comps, good, bad, other?

    Nothing is installed yet, will be using existing equipment from my other s15 jimmy. More than likely the 2 FI BL 15's on 2 SAZ-1500d's. I know PA can get loud, but I would rather not have to tune too much. I have a premier p600ub that has some crossover I believe, but not a lot. I haven't had a stereo for myself in a few years so I'm itching to get something going again. It will probably do around 146, so it's not that loud. Cost wise 2 sets vs. 1 will be about the same for what I'm considering. 1 set might end up being slightly cheaper by a little. If I was to go active I could use the 100.4 for mids, and a 100.2 for tweeters. Maybe further down the road, but passive for now. If I go with 2 sets they would both be mounted in the lower door similar to my old ones. Keeping both tweeters together. If I go 1 set I may quickly experiment with the tweeters in the lower door, higher on the door, pillar etc. I've also been thinking that one day I might add another sub, and add a bit more power. So a little head room is really what I'm after. Old doors, which are now in the g/f's blazer.
  3. Driving myself crazy trying to come to a decision on what to run for a front stage. Previously I had some older PG Octane R's off a sundown 100.2 in fg door pods. Was actually quite happy with them, but at times they seemed to struggle to keep up with the substage. Was running 2 15" BL's strapped on saz 1500d's. This time around I would like to go with something a bit louder. They will now be ran off a sundown 100.4. I will be building new door pods for the speakers. I was originally thinking of running 2 sets of 6.5's in the doors (which ones was still undetermined, maybe re6.5c, or crescendo CZ's). Placing both mids side by side with the tweeters mounted there as well. Will this really cause phase issues and cancellation that is noticeable to most people? The other option is to just run 1 set of comps, maybe like the PHD FB 6.1 pros', massives, or Mezzo's. Also I would just like to start with a passive setup. Listen to hip hop, rock, country sometimes. So will 2 comps really sounds like ***, or just 1 run decent set?
  4. Blazin_Jason

    Fuel injected TBI to carbureted swap help?!

    Does the block even have the casting for the mechanical fuel pump?
  5. That looks great. That after buffing?
  6. Did you have the awesome blinking led to let everyone know you have an alarm? I have an ultrasonic sensor in my truck and from playing around it seems to work quite well.
  7. Thanks for sharing. Waiting for some vids. w00t A-Team and RipRock!
  8. Blazin_Jason

    jeep cherokee tranny issues

    Go to a couple transmission shops and ask some questions. Other than that does it seem ok? Down shifts properly, sloppy or hard shifting?
  9. Blazin_Jason

    Another NS3 Build: Funky 2-Way

    I love DIY projects. Good work.
  10. Blazin_Jason

    Powdercoating information please..

    Truthfully you should be able to hit it with a hammer and it shouldn't chip. It can scratch though because it isn't hard because it's flexible. I would go back to them and ask what steps they took to do the wheels. They should have completely blasted them to a near white, a chemical pretreatment, then coat about ~3mils, cure @ about 375°F for 15 mins roughly. Checking the part temperature with an IR gun.
  11. Blazin_Jason

    Powdercoating information please..

    2 most important steps are the prep and cure. What type of wheels, alum or steel, chrome or painted?
  12. Blazin_Jason

    Shok Industries Wire

    That stack of wire is sexy
  13. Blazin_Jason

    Damp pro review. must see vid

    That didn't look fun at all.
  14. I had 2 group 34s on 3kw and it did fine. I wanted even a little more so that's why I went with the 31 in the rear.