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  1. Spray foam son, spray foam.
  2. If u overspray, how do you plan on trimming it down?
  3. Ok hoesluts, I'm gonna install some closed cell spray foam in my house this summer. I just wanna do 1 inch and fill the rest of the cavity with roxul. Question.... If I over spray what can I use to trim down the foam to make it flush with the wall?? There are sawzalls and foamzalls (foamzall is too expensive) . The sawzall SEEMS to require a special attachment to hook on open and closed cell foam blades BUT....... I can't find any vids to show me how to put on this attachment . Does anybody here foam houses or roofs for a living that can help me???
  4. Yea I got the unlocked version
  5. So are we still taking phones or nah?? I got a s9+ btw ......
  6. so if I were to get a Samsung gs9, youre recommending a us/factory unlocked instead of international unlocked. whats the difference between the 2 if you know??
  7. Thanks but much more important is the unlocked status...... us unlocked or unlocked international
  8. adio is back!!!, does anybody have a unlocked phone they bought here in America but used in far off places in the world i.e. African, middle east or south Asian countries??? i need to buy a great back-up phone but I don't know whether to get unlocked or unlocked international for overseas travel. and if I do get unlocked international should I focus on a certain continent?
  9. I have no idea..... if they were that's insane
  10. thanks all....I was thinking 8.5 - 9 cuft WITH bracing. I was over at home theater shack and saw somebody building a sealed box for a 21 and he was guessing with its all said and done the box ITSELF would be close to 200lbs :eek:
  11. is it possible to make a large enclosure just out of fiberglass to save on weight??? im thinking of an enclosure for a sealed 21 sub but the weight of the box alone (birch)...... gatdam. this would be for a HT setup....thanks
  12. tech 9ine= speedom and world wide choppas busta ryhmes ft eminem= calm down
  13. so are we listing workout songs or what??