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  1. Symon_say

    Coaxial Speakers + Separate Tweeters?

    If your car came with the tweeters, it probably have some kind of crossover, and probably the coax tweets won't get the high signal.
  2. Symon_say

    in dash car PC?!

    You can use hdmi with hdmi to optical adapter.
  3. Symon_say

    2008 Mazda 3 with Bose upgrade

    If you like your HU you can add a DSP, keep your HU and get better sound quality.
  4. Symon_say

    Best slim subwoofer brand

    Pioneer TS-WX120A, NVX QBUS8v2 or Kenwood KSC-SW11.
  5. Symon_say

    Alpine Type R or S, or something else???

    Thanks for the suggestion, but i already have an amp, I have been thinking about a 12" ported, but i think i'll settle for the 15".
  6. Symon_say

    Alpine Type R or S, or something else???

    I have been inveatigating and it seen like I can fit a sundown e15 v3, will it be more musical than type s?
  7. Symon_say

    AVH-X5800BHS nav

    With AVH-X5800BHS you can use your cell phone navigation via pioneer app one, that might work for you.
  8. Symon_say

    Alpine Type R or S, or something else???

    Thanks, I was reading about Dayton UM, but they only have 2dvc and from what I have read the need a bigger box. About the Dayton HO I used to have one of this and is a really nice sub, but it's only 12".
  9. Hi I have new vehicle and that means new system, i want a SQ system, I'm planning on installing a 15" in a 2.0-2.5 cu.ft sealed box and i have a JBL ms-5001 that have 500W (sonix electronic say it produce 692W@2ohm), maybe i can upgrade the amp later, but that is not priority specially if i like how everything goes. I think Type S fits the bill nicely, but Type R is in budget reach, i don't want to spend more than $200 on this. Front stage will be JBL MS-62C hooked to JBL-MS1004, I'll probably run then active. With $200 budget, 500W and 2.0 cu.ft sealed box, Should i go with Alpine S or R, or should i get something else??
  10. Symon_say

    2 diff size subs, 1 mono, kill switch?

    I'll do something like you, but not for the same reason, I plan on putting a 15" and upgrade the factory sub, when i need more space in the trunk just take out the 15" and connect the factory, i'll do this via a switch in the back or plugs or both, I don't know yet. But for your case i think what others have suggest is the best way, put the sub in a proper box, and forget about the rest.