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  1. bigbangtheory

    FS: 55ah DEKA batts

    Been working a lot, family time, you know life in general.
  2. bigbangtheory

    FS: 55ah DEKA batts

    Haven't been on here in forever, but my xs power battery is dying and constantly have to charge. I'd be interested in one if you still have any left, let me know. Pm me if you'd like. Thanks
  3. bigbangtheory

    Fs: Big fs thread lots of os and some new!!!!!!!

    Pm'd about the PG.
  4. bigbangtheory

    SS Rubicon 2500.1D - $250.00 Shipped

    I would be all over this if I could use it. Awesome amp and price, surprised it hasn't sold yet.
  5. bigbangtheory

    US Amps Md1D

    Is this still up for sale? Quite interested in it.
  6. bigbangtheory

    bigbirney420 went MIA

    Yeah, he has done some business here and I don't think he would ruin his rep over a transaction like this. Hopefully he gets on here soon and lets us know, especially you what is going on.
  7. bigbangtheory

    Kenwood x-595 CD player for cheap!

    Consider yourself lucky, lol! I honestly wanted a new deck.....as I get one yearly it seems, lol! It was a way to tell the wife....time to get a new deck. I could have kept rockin' it....told you it would work just fine. Glad you like it!
  8. I never understand people putting their number out there like that....... Anyway, sweet deck, awesome price. I was a hair away on one of these. Honestly don't need all the functions this does, hence going a different route.
  9. bigbangtheory

    Has anyone ordered from Fi Audio lately???

    Its just mass build quality defect's from a smaller store....thats all.... It was funny, I put in my CVX kicker to hold me over.....then decided I will give them one more chance. The surrond thing happened again and I got tired of the BS, sold the sub for a crazy low amount to Gp97 off here and somehow he had better luck than me. CVX worked like a gem! A kicker product folks, lol! I am currently running 2 cheaper Eclispe subs now off 300 a piece and sound far better than their once top dog Q series. I just guess I was not met to run FI? I don't know. Glad anyone else has a better experience than me. I on the other hand and glad to have washed my hands free of FI anything....
  10. bigbangtheory

    What is it about rap(and pop)?

    Only time I listen to new rap, is if I know it has a slick beat as like everyone else mentioned, the lyrics are crap! 99.9% of them have never went through a hardship, like back in the day what true rappers/lyricists went through. They rapped about what was real and hit close to home with them. Know it is about what the producers tell you to rap about......or it seems that way. That or the streets aren't as gangsta as they used to be, lol! It is funny....when I was a kid, I used to laugh at my parents for the music they listen to. Now 70% of what I listen to is what they did. I actually used to take copies of my moms CD's and burn them to jam to. Heck, I still have all their record albums and pull out the player from time to time. Nothing like listening to an old record! Now, I started getting into Skrillex and the like. Don't have to hear any BS blabbering from these wannabe rappers, but instead, get a sick beat with an awesome bass line! Win-win IMO! Still love my 80's, classic rock and funk though, haha!
  11. bigbangtheory

    Has anyone ordered from Fi Audio lately???

    I had three Q's through them.....all because each one was built like pure crap! Surrounds ripping with 600 watts.....I have never had a more worthless woofer than their Q series..... Also their CS took forever to respond back. Eventually Scott and Nick would get back to you, but certainly not in a timely fashion. I see the same crap is still going on.......figures.
  12. bigbangtheory

    Need a new HU.

    If you can wire up a sub amp and woofers, then no reason not to be able to hook a highs amp. It is really cake! I recommend the deck I got, which is a Pioneer 9400BH, which I spent 195 smacks on off Amazon. Not sure if mylows could do better, but ask. Awesome deck, 3 4volt pre-outs, USBx2 in the back, streams wirelessly off your phone, if your phone supports it and is BT and HD built into it already. Also can light up various colors. Don't think you can go wrong with it.
  13. bigbangtheory

    audio system for honda fit

    I personally say go with some raw drivers like the one guy mentioned already from Parts Express. I have used them quite a bit and perfer them over main stream comps....I have used various mids as you can get them quite cheap off there. Gives you options to choose which one you like, but you did mention you don't have a lot of time to dig in and get your hands dirty. I think the installer mentioning the Audison stuff must know what he is talking about as theat is good quality stuff. Many high end audio guru's in the SQ field love those. I recommend getting an aftermarket deck due to the higher pre-outs on the RCA's and more flexability in tuning and what not. You could easily get a nice HU, new front speakers and amp and I recommend deading the doors well to get better mid bass and that should suffice for now till you want to add another amp and small sub. Could always fiberglass a small enclosure on the one side to fit a 8-10" sub. Good luck! That ELD thing is crazy!
  14. bigbangtheory

    Little Monsters Build

    Dude, those are some beefy little subs mang! Be slammin' and dood's be like wat you gat mang? Be like, 6.5 subwoofers! Watch homies jaws drop!
  15. Does your info come across with everything else? Such as your flashdrive or when connecting via stuff off your cell phone? I have a BH model, just not the DD unit and it works with everything. I didn't change anything around, just worked. HD radio should show the name of artists and or song as well. That works right? If so, then it just must be something on the CD side or for some odd reason it is in your settings somewhere.