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  1. Need a pair of cheap 6x9 speakers for my Acura TSX. Narrowed it down between the Pioneer TS-D6902R, or Kicker DS693. Which has better sq and bass?
  2. duckfart

    Advice on HU power 6x9

    Have some crappy oem 6x9 on my car. I'm in the market for a basic 6x9 for the rear. THey will be power by stock HU . I hAVE $100 Budget to work with. I'm not looking for anything mindblowing, just some decent bass and sq.
  3. duckfart


    Great selller. product was as describe. Shipped fast.
  4. I need one Phoenix Gold Rsd 6.5 Crossover. If you have an extra one, or know a place where I can get them cheap send me a PM.
  5. duckfart

    30 Gig Zune, Moto Q, cheap, just offer

    Trade you a verizon LG8600 for your zune
  6. duckfart

    Don't go to Z Audio. (so cal)

    Where in SO CAL?
  7. duckfart

    cost of gas

    $3.67 here
  8. I have an Integra hatch and have my subs facing back-- sounds fine to me
  9. duckfart

    Yet another Old new Guy...

    WHat subs were they?
  10. duckfart

    Do you really have to..............

    Get a Alpine TYpe R sub and RSD COmps.