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  1. pickup1

    eBay Alpine

    Lots of threads about these on diy.
  2. pickup1

    Zapco ST4XP

  3. pickup1

    Rare KOVE Audio Aphex Processor

    Does it show how much voltage in and out?
  4. What do you need,those are pretty easy.
  5. pickup1

    Alpine MRV-F407

    First of all,wrong section of the forum. Second,the high and low pass of the crossover is what cuts the bass or lows or the highs on the low pass. If you turn the head unit up...and bass distorts the speakers...turn the high pass up to about 50 to 80 Hz. You won't have the real low bass...but won't break up.
  6. pickup1

    2006 Mazda Miata MX5 NC Grand Touring SQ

    I would've done an 8 in the door...you'd be suprised how nice that is.
  7. pickup1

    2 miniDSP 2x4 processors

    Only .9 volt out?
  8. pickup1

    2 miniDSP 2x4 processors

    Any discount for both and I'm kinda local too.
  9. pickup1

    I promise I've made up my mind this time!

    All that in that little mazda?