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  1. johnson

    Midrange 2-channel amp to power comps

    Spend more on speakers, buy cheaper amp.
  2. johnson

    WTB: Fused Distro

    Stinger SF2MDPT - $22 shipped Two position MIDI fuse holder. One 1/0 input, two 4awg output. Ill include two 100a fuses.
  3. johnson

    A good Pair of 2 or 4 Channel Amps?

    1 ohm is more power.
  4. johnson

    WTB: Dual fuse block

    Both for $35 shipped. Stinger SF2MDPT - $22 Two position MIDI fuse holder. One 1/0 input, two 4awg output. Ill include two 100a fuses. Kicker DB1448 - $15 1/0 ground distribution block. 1/0 input, 1/0 output, four 4awg output.
  5. johnson

    Sundown E8 - any HT potential?

    Get a Shiva or a PE woofer (i forget which one is similar to the original Shiva). I have two brand new E8's for sale if youre ever up in the KC area.
  6. Always wanted one of these for some reason and I'm itching to spend $200 on something. I don't have any amps or subs right now but my sub choices are the JBL W12GTi, ID IDQ v.3, SI MAG v.4, and JL W6v2.
  7. johnson

    How are the JL 10W3v1's?

    My brother just got two of them in a trade and i'm looking for an amp for him. He only wants to use one but theyre so old that I can't find specs for them. Are they similar to the v2's or v3's? What's the recommended enclosure size? I have a 250/1 v1 amp that he can use.
  8. ***SOLD*** NO TRADES Used in excellent condition. Has wear on the hotshoe and camera strap loops. Have the box, manuals and strap (looks brand new). $old shipped with FedEx Ground in the CONUS. Also have a brand new Tamrac 5603 System 3 bag with Canon logo. Sells for $60 on Amazon and will include it for $40. Amazon.com: Tamrac 5603 System 3 Camera Bag (Black): Camera & Photo dslr canon 30d camera digital
  9. johnson

    Looking for Home Audio stuff...

    Rythmik A250 250w plate amp. $85 plus shipping.
  10. $175 shipped o.b.o. - Memphis MCD500 250 @ 4 500 @ 2 Have the box, manual, screws and extra fuse that came with it (unopen).
  11. johnson

    WTB 200-300 watt plate amp

    Ive got a Rythmik Audio A250 Basic. 250w at 4 ohms. $100 plus shipping. http://www.rythmikaudio.com/download/A250_basic.pdf
  12. johnson

    WTB: Audison amp

    NP. Search for 2500XXK on DIYMA or ECA and here for reviews. The 2500CXL is the older model but basically the same internally. Im sure the Audison is great too though.
  13. johnson

    WTB: Audison amp

    Arc Audio 2500CXL for $250 shipped. PM if interested. 2 x 270 @ 4 ohm 2 x 525 @ 2 ohm 1 x 1050 @ 4 ohm bridged