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  1. Colt9699

    volfenhag tuning

    I would put them in a properly designed ported enclosure, as I am sure them being low end subs they arent much for sq.
  2. I didn't know reading was a pre requisite for this forum?
  3. Colt9699 I totally agree I don't know Kicker33 personally or on a business level but he appears to be new, so how about I just give him a big welcome to the forums.
  4. Colt9699

    WTB: Diablo 2 for pc

    I have all the discs I got them from torrent sites....
  5. Colt9699

    WTB: Diablo 2 for pc

    I have a coupla cd keys around here some where I'll look for them and see what I gots.
  6. Colt9699

    What are good budget 6.5 speakers/component?

    PG rsd's I read good things about Fusion comp sets and Cadence comp sets. I have personally ran JBL set and was pleased with them for the cost.
  7. Colt9699

    600rms budget amp?

    I think PG calls it Xe load or something it is kinda of an impedence sensing circuit i think. I don't have any experience with it but maybe someone who has could explain it more fully.
  8. Colt9699

    600rms budget amp?

    A few amps do that now a days like the Alpine PDX line. It allows for extreme flexability in choosing subs to go with your amp.
  9. Colt9699

    My bad luck with Sundown :(

    Big props to Jacob and Sundown for making a Happy customer. I am now considering putting a new system in my van and I think it will be run with Sundown Power.
  10. Colt9699

    What Amp For 2 Pioneer Premier's 3004 ?

    I would look for an amp that will do 2000 watts @ 1 ohm....... Maybe an Orion 2500d (2500 @ 1)
  11. Colt9699

    What kind of box is this???

    looks like a seperate chambered ported enclosure with plexi top sides
  12. Colt9699

    Poll:Which one can i get more out of.

    I'm guessing thats enough electrical to back those amps up. sorry I can't comment further on those amps all bigger than I have evr used.