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  1. Psyence

    New deck with X-Fi!

    Thats fricken awesome! Me Want.
  2. Psyence

    Hertz Mille 165 vs JL ZR650-CSI

    Thanks guys, I got the MLK165's!
  3. Psyence

    Hertz Mille 165 vs JL ZR650-CSI

    Have an opportunity to get Hertz Mille speakers at a decent price, just wondering how they compare to the ZR line of JL Components?
  4. Psyence

    JL 300/2 for Hertz MLK

    Ever look into Audison? And Audison 3.1K is a nice amp for 3 channels. 5.1K is barely any more than $100 more and that's a sweet 5 channel. Audison Amp specs for the 3.1K are 170Wx2 @4ohm, and 1x 1150 @ 2ohm. Can do all channels at 4ohm w/750W RMS on the sub channel. This nice thing about these amps is that the 2 channels are class A and the sub channel is class D in the same amp, very nice. Also check out an Audison Bit One if you are integrating to stock head unit, awesome peice of equipment. Audison is pushing the envelope by introducing more modern technology into their car audio equipment. Man, I sound like a salesman, lol.
  5. Psyence

    JL Audio and your experiences with there componants

    I am in the process of purchasing a new audio system, and I had the ZR-650's in my previous vehicle. I was so happy with them and yesterday I demo'd almost the full line of Hertz components (except anything over $2000.00) and I am going with the JL 650-CSi's again. Very good speaker and they can take some abuse. I had a 13W7 ported in the last vehicle as well and I could crank that thing so loud and the components would keep up no problem. The new system: Audison Bit One (Awesome) to Integrate w/ Nav/SYNC System Audison LRx 3.1K JL Audio ZR 650-CSi Fronts 1x 10W3v3 Sealed for Woofers
  6. Psyence

    5x7 or 6.5...?

    Hey all, My factory locations are 5x7's, im sure I can get 6.5's in there, but is there any real difference in sound from either?
  7. Any recommendations on enclosure size for the TW5 getting 1000W?
  8. I haven't purchased the 500/1v2, but I was considering the 1000/1v2, depending on space. Will probably go that route.
  9. Hey all! Bought myself a new vehicle about 6-7 months ago and after some pondering I am ready to get going. Here is a list of equipment that I will eventually be installing. Dynamat Extreme Audiocontrol LC7 Knukonceptz Wiring & Distribution JL Audio 570-CSi Front and Rear Components JL Audio 13 TW5 in a Sealed Enclosure JL Audio 500/1v2 Sub Amp JL Audio 300/4v2 Component Amp Thats all planned for now. I am going to use the Audiocontrol LC7 to wire the system into the stock deck w/ MS Sync. I like the stock look, so for now im going to run the deck I have. This vehicle is terrible for subs, the previous Sport Trac I owned I ended up cutting the rear 60% seat to match the other 40% side and building a custom fiberglass ported enclosure for a JL 13W7. This being a brand new vehicle i'm going to try to work some magic outside of cutting apart the upholstry, etc. Im sure down the road it will turn into more of a custom setup, but for now im going stealth on the install. Nothing should be visible. Pics to follow!
  10. Psyence

    JL New 13TW5

    You would rate these compared to your old sub... at what, 4 out of 10? Would you get 2 sealed 8W7's or a single 13TW5 if you have to choose?
  11. Psyence

    JL New 13TW5

    Bowel Movements. JL is quality gear. The W7 being the best subwoofer i've ever heard. I no longer own one, but I am now forced into looking at something like the TW5. I *HIGHLY* doubt the TW5 will come even close to the output and sq of the W7. This is one of those things that you will just never really know unless you get one. If you're happy with what you got or what your working with, keep it. This sub can not be as good as similar priced regular subs. My 2cents. And this is even coming from someone that's going to buy the TW5.
  12. How is the TW5? Anyone actually heard one?
  13. Hey all.. I want to add a new amplification system and speakers to my factory head unit so I can keep all the controls, etc... Plus its a brand new vehicle. Anyways.. I have a good idea of what im looking for in the system, but what I am unsure of is how good of a signal you get from using the audiocontrol LC7... is this as good as a high end headunit signal? I dont want to spend a fortune on amps and speakers if I am not going to get a nice clean signal. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
  14. Just as the title says, im looking for some recommendations of HIGH END amps that put out the following power @ 12v 750x1@3ohm 300x2@3ohm or 4ohm Thanks!
  15. Psyence

    Factory Ford Nav Head Unit to External Amplifier

    Im looking for the closest thing to a high end deck signal in the end.... Any of those better than the other?