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  1. pcolasfinest

    99 dodge ram sport

    Thats where i looked, i've also googled and have been coming up with the 6x9 in the front door answer as well.
  2. pcolasfinest

    99 dodge ram sport

    I have been trying to figure out what size front door speakers i need for it, i have been reading 6x9 and also been told 5 1/4, if anyone could help i would appreciate it.
  3. pcolasfinest

    Video Head Unit

    what year eclipse?
  4. pcolasfinest

    well got my new radio today from ebay and.....

    thats what i was told too, got ripped off of 500 bucks, they sided with me and he only had 100 bucks in his paypal, i got that and haven't seen the rest of the money.
  5. pcolasfinest

    **Pics** Lets see your ride **Pics**

    i wish i had a newer ls.
  6. pcolasfinest

    mobeious box designs :-(

    man is that all you could come up with??
  7. pcolasfinest

    Car Club, Northern Utah

    aight email me some pics....casper202412002@yahoo.com.
  8. pcolasfinest

    Car Club, Northern Utah

    i am probably moving to west jordan here later this year, any good installers around there? i'm looking to take the back seat out of my truck and putting my 2 12" l7's back there.
  9. i have an extended dodge ram 1500, thinking about taking out the back seat and putting my 2 l7s back there.
  10. pcolasfinest

    Sonic Electronix is making me mad

    i had to do this on a website that i was ordering bowling equipment from.
  11. pcolasfinest

    09 Davin Exclusives

    id rock the top ones on my ls. I'm sure they are quite expensive though.
  12. pcolasfinest

    Any Bowlers Out There

    that was some time ago huh.....i know someone who is in the high 220's with a cuda/c
  13. pcolasfinest

    Any Bowlers Out There

    i am avgn a 216 with the venom in a house around here, going to buy an uprising and the new ebonite thats coming out for nationals.
  14. pcolasfinest

    Any Bowlers Out There

    how do u have it drilled?