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    In the process of tinting
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    learn how to do things that I like
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  1. Raisedin305

    Raisedin305 - Scammer

    It's considered homestead. They were actually now trying to change it to Goulds.
  2. Raisedin305

    Raisedin305 - Scammer

    WOW...your an idiot. I guess you still don't understand the whole thing about how long it could take to ship from the US to different countries.
  3. Raisedin305

    Raisedin305 - Scammer

  4. Raisedin305

    new sub company

    Which will be...
  5. More people now are telling me setup #1 would be better:eyebrow:
  6. While driving. I don't play music loud when im at idle and if it's to show it off I rev the engine.
  7. Im unsure of which would be a better electrical system for two HCCA D5000s (Orion 2500ds). 1. 130 amp alternator, Optima yellow top (starter), two Kinetik HC 600 Batteries or 2. 260 amp alternator, Optima yellow top (starter) My choice would be #2 but some people are telling me #1 would be a better choice (local shops told me that)
  8. Raisedin305

    Car Show- Davie, FL- June 18th

    No link...All you need is the flyer in the first post in this thread:crazy:
  9. Raisedin305

    Car Show- Davie, FL- June 18th

  10. Raisedin305

    Car Show- Davie, FL- June 18th

    I am...What bout you?
  11. Raisedin305

    Tinting myself

    I work at a shop doing tints...You can ask me any questions here or p/m me any. I'll try to be as helpful as possible.
  12. Im still getting a bunch of problems viewing different threads. I cannot read any thing it's just a bunch of numbers and letters all over the page!
  13. Seems like every time I try to open a page all that comes out is a bunch of letters & numbers. I can't view pics or any thing. Anybody else having this same problem?
  14. Raisedin305

    18" Solo 2-12" Solo's 2 18" MTs