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  1. Been looking for one of these for awhile and can't seem to come across one at a decent price. Outside of MMats, can you guys suggest a 15D2 that is around the 300 range that can handle 1500rms daily?
  2. http://miami.craigslist.org/pbc/ele/1212788116.html This sub is Basically brand new 4 months of use. I would trade it for an xbox 360 or cash. PM me or email me at Sepulnailz@aol.com
  3. Audiopipe SPL-15. Does 1250 rms. All day long!
  4. xpanterax

    WTT xbox 360

    I have an audiopipe spl-15. does 1250rms all day. Basically brand new. I have pics and its posted on the forum. PM me!
  5. xpanterax

    WTT: 20 gig Xbox 360

    How bout an audiopipe spl-15. 1250rms all day. like new.
  6. xpanterax

    WTT: AMP, XBOX360, PS3 160 gig

    A trade for the xbox. I have an SPl-15 audiopipe with pics. Does 1250 rms all day long. IM in WPB. PM me
  7. xpanterax

    WTT X Box 360 for a 15"

    Audiopipe SPL-15 Dual 2ohm 1250 rms, I have it on craigs list but people are telling me not to post the link. The sub is an absolute monster and have seen 4 months of power. Its still in original box!
  8. xpanterax

    WTT Xbox 360+20gb HD

    I basically have an amp kit that is meant for a 3000 watt system, fuses, distribution block, 0 awg you name it. PM ME!!
  9. not trying to, but I dont know how to post and my shit wont sell without pics, come on now.
  10. Audiopipe SPL-15. 1250rms Dual 2 Pics.... http://miami.craigslist.org/pbc/ele/1203835921.html PM me
  11. I got a crazy about of 0 awg and terminals/ amp kit off of a my old system which ran 2500 watts rms. lemme know if ur interested
  12. xpanterax

    wtb 15" or recone for RE.

    I got an audiopipe spl-15 that holds 1250rms all day long D2. Basically new.
  13. xpanterax

    WTB 15 d1 off 1000rms

    I got an audiopipe spl-15 handles 1250 rms all day but its D2.
  14. http://miami.craigslist.org/pbc/ele/1203835921.html PM me or Email me at Sepulnailz@aol.com I would like to do a local trade for an xbox 360 since mine just died on me, now I don't even have a dvd player the house. Josh