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  1. Boomin_tahoe

    2 sundown SA-10 or 1 x12?

    2 10's gets my vote....because more cone area vs. 1.
  2. Boomin_tahoe

    Random Picture Thread

    Popcorn next to the seafood. Can't imagine how that's gonna taste.
  3. Boomin_tahoe

    car audio swag

    Buy some online, where most mfgr's have some for sale. You'll be hard pressed to find any more polo's because most are T-shirts to begin with. I got a few myself.
  4. Boomin_tahoe

    rockville K NINE sub

    Baltic birch logo.
  5. Recently witnessed my mail and other neighbors mail being stolen the other day... Half the burger patty on the bun. Some people that aren't educated enough to be on this forum, spreading around misinformation... people at work that barely do their job, or not at all. It's the little things they don't do so you gotta do it to satisfy your job.
  6. Boomin_tahoe

    Boomin_tahoe's s10 build

    Welcome ladies and gents, to my exciting build log for my s10. For those that don't already know, I have a 1998 s10 ext cab w/ the 4.3 vortec v6.....yep, she can haul *** if I wanted to!! A little about the vehicle: Bought it a few years ago. 1st pic is when I brought it home, after buying it for 1800 cash, just a hair over 200k miles. The audio will consist of the following: Clarion HU CZ702 Polk Audio MM6501 separates Massive Audio NX3 3 ch amp Single DC Audio m3 8 sub in a CSCStang designed t-line enclosure, I built the box KnuKonceptz amp wiring kit This pic shows the absolutely disgusting mold,mildew, and sandbags that were in the bed, day I brought it home, again. Took this before I started cleaning it up. That bottle, has simple green in it. My daughter even offered to help clean it up. Man what a difference!! This pic shows I got the 3rd door working again. When I bought it, the handle was broken, and looked liked it hadn't worked for a long time. It was very dirty in between the door and jamb. Also....that 3rd handle was a $9 fix from the auto parts store. Yup, that's a Dual amp you see back there. I later removed it and sold it cheap.
  7. Boomin_tahoe


    Kite weird movie but the lead actor just so happens to be in a new TV miniseries coming soon Jan 28, I am the Night.
  8. Boomin_tahoe


    Better be ready to shell out more $$ since the news broke out that they're raising rates again.
  9. Boomin_tahoe

    What direction is Sundown heading?

    http://www.sundownaudio.com click on sundown yardsale. Wonder who knows about this?! You should see the amount of $$ people wanting for their x15 or x18 on facebook....600 bucks!! I bought my pair for 530 bucks, guess you could consider me a smart shopper. Nobody wants to pay top price on anything. I too have noticed their price increasings as well. Nothing against SA but I will never buy their amps. Overpriced to begin with and so much cheaper on the market that can be had and typically bonus watts too.
  10. Boomin_tahoe

    Jl 1000/1 keeps blowing up subs

    Winkychevelle is on point. After blowing a few sets of subs, I wouldn't continue trying other brands and buying more subs until I look into the problem/issue. My guess is the same thing winky has already stated. That said, get back to us for proper gain setting on the amp or search for a tutorials online or youtube. It'll save your 5th set of subs from being blown.
  11. Boomin_tahoe

    rockville K NINE sub

    Cutting mdf leads to lung cancer. Birch is easier and tricky to cut, less sawdust but have a more toothed blade when cutting it to avoid chipping. I just cut some the other day and was so quiet that it was like I wasn't cutting any wood at all. 60 tooth blade works wonders.
  12. Boomin_tahoe

    Boomin_tahoe's s10 build

    Battling some sort of cold/sore throat so haven't gotten much progress lately but did get a little bit done. Also under the logo, you can see the new brackets holding the sub enclosure in place which are done. In the middle of polyutherane the logo so will upload pics once it's done.
  13. That came out awesome! Clean install too. Sucks about the subs as already mentioned....hopefully you get things worked out.
  14. I'm wondering where your getting 1k rms for the subs from? No way an entry level sub can handle that much power, esp MTX Audio. Those bass packages from Amazon, Wal Mart, etc. are just that: to give the owner a little bass. You want something louder, sell everything and start all over. Use that $$ to get some better brands.
  15. Boomin_tahoe

    Deaf Bonce or Sundown Audio

    What's your budget for amps? Might I suggest Wolfram Audio.
  16. Boomin_tahoe

    AUDIO HC 15

    HC? That's gotta be Resonant Engineering...old sub you got there. . When they 1st started, they had a few lines out and HC was one of them. As DrBoom stated, check both coils with a DMM. If you don't have one, they can be had for 5-10 bucks. But a regular household battery is another great way to check voicecoils on a sub.
  17. Boomin_tahoe

    Alternator whine

    McHammer??!!?? *scratches head* Anyhow, I would try a diff set of RCA's see if that works. And check your ground. Bare metal to bare metal. These are the main reasons for alt whine.
  18. Boomin_tahoe

    What song are you listening to right now?

    @Popwarhomie @Slo_Ride
  19. Boomin_tahoe

    Help! Sub not acting right. Is it blown?

    Best thing to do is remove it and inspect it. Could be something simple, fixable, or something difficult to fix.
  20. Boomin_tahoe


    Avengers: Infinity War
  21. Boomin_tahoe

    Random Picture Thread

    Dammit. I tried to keep it a secret. Traded in my s10 for it. I found God.
  22. Boomin_tahoe

    Hissing coming from amp even with no RCA input

    Thinking you have a good ground wouldn't hurt to check anyway. Bare metal to bare metal. Most noises are caused by bad grounding points. Oh dam. Didn't read your last sentence. You may have a bad amp in your posession.
  23. Oh I gotcha, taking it easy until you can sell it for another vehicle.
  24. Boomin_tahoe

    1991gmc 1500 singel cab build

    Horysheet...this is def a mess. Including spelling. Red wire running from battery pos to frame of vehicle ground?? That seems confusing. Also the sub enclosure made from furniture parts/pieces to make a box. Classic. @shredder2 I know you've made a few angled sub boxes. Make this guy a design that will fit 1 or both subs. And a good laugh might end it!!