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  1. Boomin_tahoe

    ppi 900.4 blown channels

    Interesting. It was the 4 ch amp boner for awhile. People bought them and loved it. I wonder what's going on now.... @Jeffdachef any insight on this?
  2. Boomin_tahoe

    Random Picture Thread

    Newly rebuilt chimney for my house.
  3. Boomin_tahoe

    Box builders or someone who sells designs?

    Where do you plan on putting this sub at? Behind the rear seat? Under the rear seat? @shredder2 can prob cook you up a design for ya. Just need some more info that will more than likely get asked.
  4. Boomin_tahoe

    Car Audio Fails picture thread

    lol that doesn't bother me, and doesn't affect sound. And looks great too....many compliments.
  5. Boomin_tahoe

    Car Audio Fails picture thread

    Are you bored? Rubbing off Boomingrandpa huh? Creating new threads on a daily basis. Btw...this topic can be found with a google search and Youtube. Has plenty to offer.
  6. Boomin_tahoe

    ?- Are spl subs capable of tight bass?

    Wrong section bro. A sealed box will tend to need a lot of power to get it to sound good vs. a good designed ported one. I might suggest a ported box tuned to 36Hz should have nice SQ.
  7. Boomin_tahoe

    Voltage to amp

  8. Boomin_tahoe

    too much power? need upgrades?

    What do you mean basic? Which model are they because they have like 4 revisions for that particular model. You can "limit" an amps output by setting the gain properly. I would pass on the amp as I'm not too fond of them and the output power might be inflated. Lets say those subs are 300 rms....set the gain from DMM to 17.32 Or lets say the subs are 400rms set the gain to 20.00 or close to it on the DMM.
  9. Boomin_tahoe

    Looking for sub recommendations

    Can I join in on the party?! A buddy of mine has a SQ/SPL set up in his Dodge ext king cab. 2 15's ported to 36Hz for SPL and a single sealed 12" JL sub for SQ. A master switch can be used to listen to either. Paired with an assortment of Hybrid Audio speakers mids/tweets, it's pretty loud but not blow the doors off loud. Lastly, no matter what volume it's at, it sounds good overall. Case in point, the fact that sealed sounds better than ported isn't true. Some factors that play into a good sounding box is prob the most important is a good design, then the tuning and bracing to prevent any standing waves inside. Take Jeffs suggestion and run with it. You're not gonna get any louder with the same subs in another sealed box on 500 watts. You want louder, go ported. Or go home. Take ya pick. Lastly, I'd like to know what these sealed boxed subs you have heard that were insanely loud to you. Pics would be great. A link works to.
  10. Boomin_tahoe

    What annoys the ***** outta you/pisses you off...

    Iknoright?! It's always something with this guy every week lol
  11. Yup...but Imma point you to the right person for some DSP help since I'm not an expert in that area. @Jeffdachef can you lend this person a hand?
  12. Boomin_tahoe

    What would be better then 2 kicker 41l7122

    Gonna build a wall from wood....called a woodwall. It's gonna house 4 15's in a C pillar in my Tahoe(Like wtf?!) T-line woodbox Sealed woodbox Ported/vented woodbox 4th order woodedbox made from wood Woody Haarrelson How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  13. Boomin_tahoe

    What would be better then 2 kicker 41l7122

    Technically speaking, the more appropriate term for any box made from wood would be box or enclosure, to a lot of us: ported/vented enclosure are the most common. T-line enclosure is another. Not woodbox. Never heard of it and sounds stupid, esp coming from you. Now, any type of enclosure made from fiberglass would be a fiberglass sub enclosure. There ya have it. Some great car audio knowledge to run to the store with. Tell you what....I'll worry about getting laid and you worry about trying to stuff 2 15's in a trunk of a car the size of a small dormroom refridgerator.