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  1. Boomin_tahoe

    I'm so happy!!!

    Yeah I realize that.....those specific RF amps are pretty pricey. Gotta remember I too have a pretty big 5 ch amp in my posession which I paid 330 bucks for.
  2. Where on earth did you find 3 gauge wire??? And never run 2 diff gauges to your amp. Always keep it the same. What amp are we talking about here....since it wasn't asked? Fix the set screw issue.
  3. Boomin_tahoe

    got box covered in vynil

    Get's box wrapped in vinyl...still runs 2 ohms.
  4. Boomin_tahoe

    whats the best 6"-8" sub

  5. Boomin_tahoe

    Stuff at my local pawn shop

    600?! Ouch.
  6. Boomin_tahoe


    Finally getting around to getting the amp installed.... Plan is stain the amp "tray" same color as sub enclosure, black/white power/ground wire to compliment the sub's color on dustcap and my white s10. Will have a plexi top with LED's inside.
  7. Boomin_tahoe

    I'm so happy!!!

    450 bucks for a 5 ch amp....yikes.
  8. Boomin_tahoe


    Well, uploading pics is much easier and a breeze.My latest project...
  9. Boomin_tahoe


    Oh man...it looks very identical to SMD forum...
  10. Boomin_tahoe

    Updated sub enclosure...

    Box in raw form...
  11. Boomin_tahoe

    4 juice box g31 batts

    Way to go thread dumping on the sellers thread. Best if you don't come around here.
  12. Boomin_tahoe

    Dayton DSP first looks

    It'll work for some people. But it's not for everybody.
  13. See if @shredder2 is avail to assist. What's the piece on the right?
  14. Boomin_tahoe

    Updated sub enclosure...

    t nuts and stainless allenhead bolts ---------- Post added at 06:41 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:40 PM ---------- DC Audio m3 8 ---------- Post added at 06:42 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:41 PM ---------- Oh that's a secret I cannot tell
  15. Boomin_tahoe


    Yup...nothing more or some "special" amp.