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  1. Boomin_tahoe

    Getting ready...Wolfram audio

    I've seen @dacheatham set up on FB once or twice. Been awhile since then....so things could have changed. I wasn't able to get my Wolfram amps installed this past summer as I had hoped. I had many other projects going on at the same time, so that'll be next summer, on the to do list.
  2. Boomin_tahoe

    How long will it last?

    Big port! I rocked a raw MDF box for 7 years so know the feeling. That comes from working 2 jobs, always tired as fawk. Hell my amp rack isn't finished and still in it's raw form. Sand flush everything, and corner round the edges. Don't know if you plan to keep it for awhile but I'd paint it or carpet or something.
  3. Boomin_tahoe

    Random Picture Thread

  4. Boomin_tahoe


    Jigsaw (2018) Species
  5. Boomin_tahoe

    PSI Audio amps

    For those interested. I'm finding it that the mounting "feet", mounting amp area is the same as my amps....as well as others. So who's copying who?!
  6. Boomin_tahoe

    PSI Audio amps

    So much this. These "newer companies" that keep coming up with these pretty looking amps with prob the same boards 10 other companies use and charge more $$ than it's competitors. I can get 3k for 400 bucks. That's doubling my power with the same amount of money. And I did....
  7. Not hating but I don't think I would ever buy/own any Sundown amps....just their speakers/subs. There's amps out there that are cheaper for the $$. It's nice tho. What did you pay for it if you don't mind me asking?
  8. Boomin_tahoe

    Bought Funky Pups

    I'm calling BS on this troll thread. His joining yr date and post count just doesn't add up.
  9. Boomin_tahoe

    Boomin_tahoe's s10 build

    I've had my Craftsman router for several years now. Back when Sears actually gave a shit about their customers. Still works good tho.
  10. Boomin_tahoe

    What happened to Car Audio Forum???

    Join date: 2006 Post count: less than 50. Yeah, you're not missing much here.
  11. Boomin_tahoe

    Boomin_tahoe's s10 build

    Of course, I can't wait until next year to get it finished up. I found a way to cut the plexi to the point where all I would have to do is size it up on my mill then drill/counterbore the bolt holes. Then I made these to replace the small ones...
  12. Boomin_tahoe

    Darlington transistors, whats the deal???

    Not particularly. I think the old style is better. But I guess there's no pleasing everybody. One thing's for certain: uploading pics is much easier than how it was.
  13. Boomin_tahoe

    pushing 2 zv5 12's

    Thought everybody knew how underrated Sundown subs are. Guess I was wrong. I've seen plenty of people putting 3x the rated power on the X series. Ronnie Smith, the 6.5 guy who happened to stop by Sundown headquarters had a stock 8v.3 into his sniper box and gave it 5k+ before it finally gave in. The 8's are rated for 750w.
  14. Boomin_tahoe

    How long will it last?

    Ah 15...my bad. Looked like a 12
  15. Boomin_tahoe

    How long will it last?

    Then I must be dumb because I'm trying whatever I can and still nothing.