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  1. Scotty2Naughty

    2 custom 10" subs.

    lmk how much it would be shipped to 84604.
  2. Scotty2Naughty

    WTB 1 large 12" or 2 10's

    sorry, i'm getting rid of my 15 because need more space in my trunk, it's a sad day.
  3. I am looking for a 12" that can handle 2500-3000 watts or a pair of 10's that can handle 2500-3000 watts for the pair. I will be running them off a kicker KX2500.1 that I can run from 1ohm to 2ohm so most coil configurations should work. I am looking to spend $300-350 though my budget isn't set in stone so let me see what you have.
  4. Scotty2Naughty

    FS: Sundown Audio Nightshade

    How much shipped to 84604?
  5. Scotty2Naughty

    Which HU ~$200?

    I have a kenwood KDC-X794 and I love it, you can get them off ebay for less than $200. I would check it out.
  6. Scotty2Naughty

    dc level 3's or rockford fosgate T2D412?

    If you can't go 2 12s ported go 2 10s ported, should be louder than 2 12s sealed.
  7. Scotty2Naughty

    Rate My Set-up Please...

    wow... tore the kid up..... but yeah, I'd rate it a 3 also.....
  8. Scotty2Naughty

    Amp for ONE 12in alpine type R?

    Sounds like a problem with the box, the sub is dual 2, right? Are you running it at 4ohm or 1ohm?
  9. Scotty2Naughty

    Hooking up 8ohm speakers to a 4ohm amp?

    it wouldn't ruin anything, just get less power
  10. Scotty2Naughty

    15" DC Level 4 vs DD 2515

    How much power are you looking to run? Are you planning on a ported box?
  11. Scotty2Naughty

    Cadence vs. Audioque and DD

    I get sick of people complaining about DDs pricing, just because they are too expensive for YOU (and me for that matter) to buy new doesn't mean that they are priced too expensively. DD is not stupid, they have their niche, they are selling woofers and they are making money. They have their prices where they are at for a reason. Whining on an internet forum is not going to change their prices, if they see a drop in sales or profits maybe they will lower the prices, some guy whining on an internet forum is never going to make them drop their prices. Also the discussion on the price vs performance on the DDZ is ridiculous, obviously there are diminishing returns on everything and the DDZ is pretty much at a point where the performance is pretty diminished. The DDZ is not targeted at some kid that wants to get as loud as possible for as little money as possible. The price of an DDZ is minimal for a lot of these competitors that spend hundreds and hundreds of hours building, testing and retesting to squeeze every ounce of performance out of a build. It makes no sense to spend so much time and effort on all of the other aspects and then skimp on the woofer. DD knows this and put out the best woofer it could for these customers. For an average guy I doubt they would notice the difference of the composite cone vs the paper cone but for a guy that is competing and everyone else has composite cones I doubt he is going to give up victory because of a $250 cone after he spent $60,000 on his spl van and hundreds of hours testing. That being said I don't know if the DDZ is better than the Warden maybe one of these big competitors will take a risk and see.
  12. Scotty2Naughty

    1 15'' BTL or 2 12'' kenwood?

    off of 200 watts, the kenwoods. If you really want to get loud, get the BTL for sure.
  13. whoops, yeah, I watched them earlier today and forgot so I just saw the thread again and asked... I probably should have just watched the vid again huh?
  14. Is the box in the Corolla front or rear firing?
  15. Scotty2Naughty

    Crazy lookin sub. Mystery ?

    hmmm looked on the net and in Brazil they are around $1400 for a 12" $1500 for a 15" and $1700 for an 18", also the 20,000 watt rating is for only 3 seconds.