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  1. Message me a price for the one picked up in SoCal.
  2. ****, wish you were closer. Always wanted one of these.
  3. I went with a Tline for a pair of these. I haven't installed yet so I can't give you impression at the moment.
  4. Great review man thanks for taking the time to write it up. I had the 6.5s and loved them.
  5. Thanks. Bought a remote start kit for my X5. Going to need it with summer looming.
  6. I've never heard it but it looks interesting on paper... Faital Pro M5N8-80 5" Speakers - Faital Pro M5N8-80 5" midrange speaker that has a lightweight neodymium magnet. Faital Pro M5N8-80 80 watt 5" high efficiency of 99dB SPL for all midrange applications.
  7. It should have a "full pass" setting or something like that.
  8. More than fair. In fact, I wouldn't even bother with them anymore.
  9. Several people reported noise floor issues on diyma with those amps did you notice anything on your unit? That's the reason I steered clear for budget builds.
  10. The two 8s ciaonzo is selling would be perfect. It would also take them off of the market so I don't buy them.
  11. Grizz Archer is pretty much responsible for them making PPI/Soundstream half *** respectable again. He's responsible for the original phantoms, tarantula nanos, etc... They rewarded him by canning him. Screw Epsilon. I'm glad this came to light so I can finally stop recommending their products completely.
  12. God **** it, why do you always tempt me with all of the cool **** you're selling. PM me with your bottom line price shipped to 85365.
  13. Interesting. The big version is a mid bass monster.
  14. Because of some size restrictions I put on myself in the new build I'm going to start I was limited to 8s. I hit up CSCStang with my dimensions and asked him to try and make a Tline for two Sundown SA8v3s work and he worked his magic and was able to make it work... I can't comment on the sound yet as I'm still waiting for some install pieces to arrive and need to make room in my workshop for the build but the quality of his work for the money can't be beat IMHO.
  15. It's a tight fit but it fits. There should be enough gaps for the air to get out as it's not air tight. If not I'll cut a big hole and have a grill built for the hole.
  16. 2013 BMW X5 diesel. It should be stealthy as hell too. I plan on putting it under here... in this cavity...
  17. See what kind of space you have first then determine your sub after. One option to keep a false floor is the Sundown hybrid SD3s. They're SD3s with SA soft parts. That way you get the flat mounting depth of the SD3 but with more output/power handling in a ported enclosure. I'm kind of mulling going that way in the spare tire area of my X5.
  18. [quote name='Jeffdachef']Get the soundqubed 2250.1 amp with some B stock sundown SA 10s in a 38hz tuned ported box. [url=http://www.caraudiobargain.com/b-stock-sundown-audio-sa-10-600w-sa-series/]* B-Stock* Sundown Audio SA-10 600W SA Series - Car Audio Bargain[/url] OR,,,, The best method would be a pair of hds208s in a T line. @CSCStang can get you a good design. Sh*t goes hard on metal and can easily play anything else[/QUOTE] That's a great budget set up right there. Either way.
  19. That amp has a decent crossover set built into it. I'd just buy some raw drivers. Something like two of these mids... https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/sb-acoustics-woofers-6-7/sb-acoustics-sb17nrxc35-4-6.5-woofer/ and these tweets... https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/ring-radiator-tweeters/sb-acoustics-sb29rdcn-c000-4-neo-magnet-ring-dome-tweeter/ These tweets are recommended often here... https://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Massive-Audio-CT-2II-180-Watts-1-1-8-CT-Series-German-Silk-Dome-Tweeters/201599008204?hash=item2ef03cbdcc:g:i0kAAOSwvg9XViEt:sc:USPSPriority!85365!US!-1&vxp=mtr use them amp to cross them over at 2000hz give or take and you'll be better off than buying a cheap passive set IMHO.
  20. Yeah, if you want cheap you can't stick with 6x9. I'd recommend the Image Dynamics 6x9 or Audio Frog 6x9 but both would put you over budget.
  21. That's probably why I can get away with it in my setup. I'm at most 30 degrees off access as they're facing forward in pods in the kick panel of a '63 VW Double Cab.
  22. I'm running them in a 2way currently crossed at 2400hz with some XSPTW tweets and it sounds great. They struggle a bit up top but they can getbthe job done in a DD.
  23. They're d4 so you can wire them down to 2ohms. Awesome midbass drivers. Also solid in a 2way if you have a tweet that can meet them at around 2500hz.
  24. I don't know about 90% efficiency but I swapped a Phoenix Gold Ti2 2000.1 out directly for a Taramps HD3000 and the difference in the drain on my electrical system was tremendous. The PG amp would regularly drop my voltage into the 12s. With the Taramps my voltage rarely drops into the 13s. So my setup got louder with less strain on my electrical and the amp takes up less space. What's not to like?