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  1. Message me a price for the one picked up in SoCal.
  2. ****, wish you were closer. Always wanted one of these.
  3. I went with a Tline for a pair of these. I haven't installed yet so I can't give you impression at the moment.
  4. Great review man thanks for taking the time to write it up. I had the 6.5s and loved them.
  5. Thanks. Bought a remote start kit for my X5. Going to need it with summer looming.
  6. I've never heard it but it looks interesting on paper... Faital Pro M5N8-80 5" Speakers - Faital Pro M5N8-80 5" midrange speaker that has a lightweight neodymium magnet. Faital Pro M5N8-80 80 watt 5" high efficiency of 99dB SPL for all midrange applications.
  7. It should have a "full pass" setting or something like that.
  8. More than fair. In fact, I wouldn't even bother with them anymore.
  9. Several people reported noise floor issues on diyma with those amps did you notice anything on your unit? That's the reason I steered clear for budget builds.
  10. The two 8s ciaonzo is selling would be perfect. It would also take them off of the market so I don't buy them.
  11. Grizz Archer is pretty much responsible for them making PPI/Soundstream half *** respectable again. He's responsible for the original phantoms, tarantula nanos, etc... They rewarded him by canning him. Screw Epsilon. I'm glad this came to light so I can finally stop recommending their products completely.
  12. God **** it, why do you always tempt me with all of the cool **** you're selling. PM me with your bottom line price shipped to 85365.
  13. Interesting. The big version is a mid bass monster.
  14. It's a tight fit but it fits. There should be enough gaps for the air to get out as it's not air tight. If not I'll cut a big hole and have a grill built for the hole.
  15. 2013 BMW X5 diesel. It should be stealthy as hell too. I plan on putting it under here... in this cavity...