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  1. MisterGrubbs

    80 inches where are you?

    I'm trying to get in touch with you. I know that you no longer deal with car audio as much, but I need some valued input Please shoot me a PM if you could and clear a couple of those PM's out of your inbox. Gracias
  2. A friend linked me to ecoustics to read a clip that Quentin King had uploaded in regards to DJ. Now, I dont mean to be rude, but isnt the code here NOT to bash other companies? The entire message you bash the company, and then, right at the end, say "I'm not knockin 'em they make decent products" Just curious as to what was going on with this. I have no affiliation with this video. http://forum.ecoustics.com/bbs/messages/4/607842.html Direct link for youtube video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWiQRIz0LeU Explain. Go.
  3. MisterGrubbs

    Sycho Sound Deranged woofers?

    http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330375878065&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:MOTORS:1123 Dont look half bad for 40 bucks. 500w RMS 10" woofer... Anyone ever, by chance, used one?
  4. Need help picking one out. It's simple. Not overly gaudy/overdone Not really wanting a widebody, to be honest Dont want something that exposes half the car, and the car is not a turbo car or anything of the sorts. Not wanting to spend more than I spent on the car(4-500 bucks MAXIMUM) Help.
  5. MisterGrubbs

    Most Wanted Amplifiers

    Since the other thread was deleted as a group buy, I'll rephrase everything and change it up What amplifiers(large monoblocks) are people here most desiring? Assume that you could get it at a lower price, mainstream products Just curiousity, I guess? This is not a sale, this is not under the intentions of making sells, this is for personal information gain The three amps that were mentioned in the last thread were the Fosgate T4k Kicker 2500.1 Hifonics 2610 Possibly the Samspon/Maxximus or the Goliath Anyone have opinions?
  6. Need a Maxxlink as well as a MTX RE-Q or similar factory interface-oriented bass restoration unit. Have money now. Get with me immediately as I'll blow the money if I dont have something useful to buy. Prefer new or slightly used equipment. If it works it works, as long as it does and will continue to work properly, if the price is right, I'd be glad to take it. If it's been beaten to hell and back you can gladly keep it.
  7. MisterGrubbs

    3500+ RMS at 14v.... 425 Shipped?!?!

    RD Audio 3250V2. New design, new power and these things look to be ridiculous. I wont speak against anyone, but before you spend a grand or 6-700 dollars minimum on a 3500 watts RMS amplifier, this is DEFINITELY something you need to consider Only thing I ask is if, by chance, you buy one - note to Steve that I sent you that way. If I can sell Ten, I'm going to convince him into picking up the bar tab one night haha http://www.caraudioclassifieds.org/forum/showthread.php?t=15952 Check it out for yourselves. I know people are looking for great deals and there's always people *****ing about amps on this website, so there you go. No more whining. And for those who didnt find it, the dimensions are 20in x 10in x 2.75in
  8. MisterGrubbs

    04 Suburban Dimensions?

    I've got a guy who has an 04 Suburban - wanting to stay flush below window line here and he's wanting to do four 12's, but he's busy and I can't get to his vehicle to measure. Does anyone, by any chance in hell, have an 04 'Burban with the third row seats OR have the dimensions? It should be around 49 inches wide, but I've got to be sure before I go designing and building And of course, the inbreds around here do not have an 04 Burban anywhere around here. Sorry, I know this thread is dumb - just seeing if someone could lend a hand. Ryan
  9. MisterGrubbs


    Anyone ever purchased from them? 60w RMS, 96db sensitivity...9 bucks? http://www.speakercity.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=SC&Product_Code=GM-85&Category_Code=GoldwoodMR Anyone ever seen these little guys? I'm kinda curious to try a few. Granted they're Goldwood, but I'd be curious. Anyone know something similar to the Eminence Alpha 6A's, maybe a tad more clear if feasible, but similar power handling yet cheaper than 40 bucks each?
  10. MisterGrubbs

    Hifonics HFI 12 Review!

    First off, let me start by saying how cheap this woofer is! Great pricing on it. The build of the woofer...yeahhh the parts are cheap. Horrible cheap "chrome" cosmetics, shipping weight of 10lbs...???? The woofer itself weighs somewhere around 7.5-8lbs. Terminals are complete crap and might I add the cheapest construction on a terminal I have ever seen in my life. The cone and the surround seem to be decent, basket is a typically cheap stamped basket. I'd like to mention how fvcking sloppy it is. I would also like to note that it's in 2.0 net slot tuned at 35hz yet the woofer sounds like complete ass, at least to my personal preferences. I have it on 320w rms(rated at 12.9v) ... with gains at half way, playing within tuning frequency and everything else correctly tuned. HPF at 80. 3/4 volume on Head Unit - the subwoofer began to stink. No big deal, right? I got out, walked to the trunk and opened the trunk - sniffed the port and what do I smell? Not sure, but it's not glue. It honestly smells like the coil is not doing too well. Worth 35 bucks? Probably, but in the future I will DEFINITELY spend the extra money for at least a Kicker Comp VR or similar. This is a tad ridiculous and I would much rather run a Fosgate P1 or a Funky Pup(literally, it sounds better and will probably take the power better), if that tells you anything. I wasnt expecting the world, but this is horrible. If I give it the full 300w(in almost burps terms, 5 seconds at most) it gets *reasonably* loud for what it is, but for daily I would not suggest more than 150-200w in a ported enclosure. I would avoid venturing into the 300w rms territory for a sealed enclosure and moderate listening. Good day. Ryan
  11. 1.0 Sealed 1.5 Ported 52hz http://www.carstereoforum.net/showthread.php?p=4054#post4054 Sorry, photobucket wont open right now. Anyone's welcome to live-link them though.
  12. 3-5ft run of cheap 4awg 17 ft RCAs And a Line Out convertor. I can send paypal immediately need these here asap so I dont have to buy online or locally other than on the board with used items.
  13. Looking for the older Zed made US Acoustics amps. Would very much enjoy picking up three of the same 4 channels. I have one USB4065 right now, so two more of those or possibly three of the 4085's would work great Irregardless, post what you have, Mix-n-Match will work as well. Thanks Ryan
  14. MisterGrubbs

    Sick Wire pricing! Seen it?

    So I'm sure most of you have seen it, but I wanted to post it up on here too for those of you who havn't seen it. I didnt see a thread for it, so I'm going to link you here. http://www.caraudioclassifieds.org/forum/showthread.php?t=13243 That is a link to Russ's pricing for the CCA and 100% copper wire. NICE 1/0 here folks, and he's a good guy at that. http://www.caraudioclassifieds.org/forum/showthread.php?t=13213 Order up while it's still available folks
  15. MisterGrubbs

    8v Double Din? No?

    Are there any Double Din TouchScreen DVD's that anyone knows of with an individual subwoofer control, decent EQ settings and at least 5v, if not 8v outs? I know that the 8019 Kenwood has 5v outs...just looking for other options as well. Thanks, and a cookie to whomever finds me an 8v out double din touchscreen.