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    i like cheese and my hero is the color red.
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    sunshine is golden like the grams.
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  1. faulkton

    whats the best perk of your job (or jobs)

    Yeah me too but I can also make diamonds. So f**k you can you do that? https://www.google.com/search?q=Champagne+facials&safe=off&rlz=1CDGOYI_enUS815US815&hl=en-US&prmd=ivsn&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwivucG-zqXfAhUwFzQIHbkmCaIQ_AUoAXoECAoQAQ&biw=414&bih=722So f**k you can you do that?
  2. Man I’m just having trouble in my life right now, I came here for some solace advice from Old Friends. You Don’t have to be so cruel and mean-spirited. spider monkey you made me eat dinner
  3. Might? Breakfast consists of between a half and a gram of 97%, well actually 95 to 97% distillate On a Ritz cracker and then you take another Ritz cracker and put it on top. You have to do that otherwise it just sticks to your teeth and then it taste like shit all day and it’s horrible and trust me just use crackers take a drink of milk and let it get soggy. then it’s the best soggy cracker you’re ever going to eat. I know you guys Eat a lot of soggy crackers around here…But I bet you mine are the best LOL Oh and if you’re in a poor soul In some horrible area who doesn’t know what distillate, it is basically refined THC. You can also make diamonds 🙂 that’s crystallize THC. Those are fun to smoke but only after you’ve had your daily dose of terpenes for the entourage affect. Google it if you don’t know what I’m talking about because I’m not your f*****g Wikipedia. I do wear a shirt that says I edit Wikipedia. Which actually started inspiring me to actually edit Wikipedia. Does anyone think that’s good for the world?
  4. I think I might actually just go camping. II’m really disillusioned with America right now, and I just need to leave it for a while. So yeah now I just can’t live in trumps America anymore. So I’m gonna go to Iraq. And volunteer at a refugee camp. I mean it beats living in f*****g trumps America… Can anyone argue with me? I already talked to the MENA aid organization But I’m not gonna deal with a bunch of bullshit bureaucratic regulations. If f*****g ISIS can sneak people in the country I can do it. I’m Catholic dude, I’ll just hook up with the local Catholic Church and be like I’m here to help. I have some other ideas like Peru, they’re 90% Catholic, and I’m pretty sure if I just showed up in some poor mountain village Catholic diocese and said I hate my country because of the CIA destroyed your condiment. I want to live in a barn and shovel donkeys. They would let me help and eat cardboard like the locals. I have already done the whole Asia thing Except for the creepiest sex tourist places and I don’t really want to go there. I mean when you already met the slut whisperer in Korea what else is there to do in Asia?
  5. And I'm lazy and use talk to text so you can figure that out or not I don't really care haha your beloved faulty I really did think that the internet would completely forget about me I'm going
  6. Goddamn Oh, I thought after this long the internet would forget about me. I mean this was a perfect thread for Christ's sakes. It's just tough for us Elder millennials. I've been living the dream you know, really do work in the Cannabis industry which was one of the benefits of teaching myself how to I grow it hydroponically when I was 14.. that was the year before I started college LOL Now I think I want to go live somewhere else in the world again. America is kind like really harshharshing myand my boo with it's currently live. I've been looking at going to volunteer in a Iraqi refugee camp actually. Mostly because I think it would be really funny to say that I removed to Iraq rather than live in Trump America, and refugee camp Sue basically just like camping. I can do that.
  7. faulkton

    Hi guys!! HELLO OMG! WOW

    Well this is quite an honor to be welcome by you sir. I have given the deepest bow to show the highest level of respect possible. 갔습니다
  8. I was a good buyer and seller with GOOD stuff lol like m series Phoenix gold amps, morels, vocals, eclips decks, i was a collector.....


    but the inter webs has changed since 2005 and they dont use a feedback thread anymore lol. 


    So I’m fucked. But ask me a question about gear and ill keep up, school you, or bow my head in shame humbly......

  9. I work in the cannabis industry and had to go to the ER yesterday from exhaustion. I do consultation and charge by the hour, travel a lot, minimum billing hours, ect .. think attorney style billing and pricing. Plus I love tech. I’m not an apple phanboi, I’ve owned every galaxy and note and tab S including 4.. can anyone offer advice of help? I have to go get fluids and rest. It’s costing me $9K to miss less than a week trip, but I am afraid of how much I might spend with this much time on my hands. Last time I bought Tannoy and went monoblock ATI amps and Atmos and an obscene TV. Like why did I just buy all these brand new iPads and iPhones and Apple Watchs??! I just Ordered 32 new Phillips hue colored bulbs... ?! I dont have a house right now because i stay in other peoples estates life’s so crazy,,
  10. faulkton

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Wow. Been over a decade member? Das is crazy. I graduated from car to home studio. I thought car audio was spendy! Atmos / direct x 7.4.4 All in going to say is: Tannoy, omfg I'd never actually heard music before these. SVS ultra 12" x4 makes things go boom Focal surrounds and atmos. Why not tannoy all around instead of just towers & center? Aside from cost, in this case focal being budget option lol, I actuality liked them better for movies ect. The Tannoy rears were a waste, they digits have been fronts. Amplification? Three letters ATI Monoblocks F-c-L. ATI 4 channel x2. TV Is slightly dated now, but better than 95%of what anyone else here, themselves not patents have, Samsung js9500, iirc 255 zone FALD, 1000+ nit brightness, 4k HDR and capable of being certified "ultra HD premium" but ~released before the standard. I talked **** about curved screens, until I had a 78" one. Oh yeah plus I finally publicly involved in the Hydroponics business. So if you want any Hydro gear.. Or advice, or 10k Sq ft warehouse grow set up, hit me up