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  1. nVRuckus

    166 db calibrated cheapie termlab for DMM's

    wouldnt you use AC voltage?
  2. nVRuckus

    10$ in pay pal..wat do u have

    a random pocket knife or 2 months of webhosting
  3. nVRuckus

    Trupan Ultralite

    for a fiberglass box, you can spend all the money on that or buy some birch plywood for about half the cost. both will weigh alot less than regular MDF
  4. nVRuckus

    Air Compressor

    even using impact guns and such I would get atleast 25 gallons. I have a 15 and it is constently running to fill it and I dont have a paint gun either.
  5. actually thats for all WTB threads.
  6. nVRuckus

    mounting a dustcap

    hmm never seen that before, I got to see where i can buy some from. thanks
  7. hmm All the drive-ins I know of closed in the 80s.
  8. nVRuckus

    mounting a dustcap

    it doesn't look like any CA glue Ive seen. I have CA Glue all over the place here because I do a lot of fiberglassing. it feels more like silicon. You sure?
  9. nVRuckus

    mounting a dustcap

    I got a recone done on one of my SX, well it arrived and the dustcap is pretty much not attached on the sub only held one by about a 2" piece of the cone. What is that black stuff that is holding the cap on? is that regular silicon? or should I use something else to mount the dustcap? It appears that the black stuff is all the way around the cone where the dustcap should be connected to it it just appears as if it didnt stick.
  10. nVRuckus

    WTB- Side Post terminal...

    I just use the ones they sell @ advanced. They even sell extended ones if your running multiple runs.
  11. nVRuckus

    Netherlander24...Get in touch with me

    they did when I posted a thread in here about him about a year ago.
  12. nVRuckus

    Netherlander24...Get in touch with me

    not even worth posting it man, they will delete your thread like they did to mine.
  13. nVRuckus

    LexNBimmer....Not Looking Good

    maybe all these people that post stupid shit like telling people they are impatient after they waited 2 months will think twice if they get the same label as the person ****ing up.
  14. nVRuckus

    LexNBimmer....Not Looking Good

    I say people that are so quick to stick their necks out for scammers saying they are trustworthy should alsdo be listed as scammers for backing people without thinking