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  1. bcleachd

    pioneer problem

  2. bcleachd

    pioneer problem

    i mean it's ''ON YOU IN THE END'' so it's either exchange or return or tke it to the shop. IMO.
  3. bcleachd

    pioneer problem

    yes maybe but just tke it to a local shop ''THAT KNOWS WHAT THEY DO''.
  4. bcleachd

    Let the smoke out????

  5. bcleachd

    Let the smoke out????

    MANN you guys
  6. bcleachd

    Let the smoke out????

    there to flemsy IMO
  7. bcleachd

    pioneer problem

    yea you are right;)
  8. bcleachd

    Let the smoke out????

    not if he gets two good used one's:naughty:
  9. bcleachd

    Let the smoke out????

    type-R FI Q KICKER L7:laugh: KICKER CVX
  10. bcleachd

    pioneer problem

    DEFECTIVE H/U???? try taking it bck.
  11. bcleachd

    pioneer problem

  12. bcleachd

    Need help on decision

    ssd my vote
  13. i didnt know nextel had i960??????
  14. stop spamming man i know you and i be in the war of the worlds with than old elderly man.