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  1. Apocalypse boy

    Massive Audio p1500.1 vs Audiopipe ap1500

    Didn'y you have the ap3k. If so, the AP3k is just AP 1.5's in the same casing. I've never had the massive so i can't compare but i LOVE my 3k
  2. Apocalypse boy

    Audiopipe 3000d or US Amps Merlin MD-3D???

    Ahh okay. Yeh, I don't need any proof. Real world experience > everything else..IMO
  3. Apocalypse boy

    Audiopipe 15001D

    Yep you'll be okay but i'd throw a little batt in the back. If you're short on cash I'd recommend searching the internet for a "battery exchange" place. I was able to get a c&d tech g31 batt for 60 bucks from one brand new :-).
  4. Apocalypse boy

    Audiopipe 15001D

    Yep, it is a very good amp. One of the best amps for PricePerWatt IMO. Doesn't draw too much power. Friend has everything stock + 1 g34 batt in back and he's good to go with his little 60amp alt. lol
  5. Apocalypse boy

    199 watts of "come get some"

    lol...NICE amps
  6. Apocalypse boy

    Audiopipe 3000d or US Amps Merlin MD-3D???

    I must agree on that LOL.
  7. Apocalypse boy

    Audiopipe 3000d or US Amps Merlin MD-3D???

    I'm confused. Are you saying the Audiopipe has 120 amps of fusing or the Merlin. I know the merlin has 120 amps of fusing but the Audiopipe?
  8. Apocalypse boy

    Audiopipe 3000d or US Amps Merlin MD-3D???

    And oh yea.i did rewire the sub to 2.8...Forgot abou that part
  9. Apocalypse boy

    Audiopipe 3000d or US Amps Merlin MD-3D???

    LOl ok bro. just because i'm on ca.com, doesn't mean i have te knowledge base of a total noob. Everything wasjust about the same. Gain for both were set for 3k with the AP and with the PA it was set for 4k. Sub was a d1.4 BTL. Tone was 42 hz. Mic placement was at a dbdrag event's both time by the same judge (Mike Hadden) so Mic couldn't have been too off from where it was the first time. It's South Florida. Besides this past freakish winter the temps are never more than 10 degree's off from each other. So yes you have to go on.... The voltage drop is irrelevant.. I hdad more than adequate voltage for a burp. With the adiopipe i dropped to 12.1 and with the Power Acoustik's it dropped to i believe 11.7. Yes i am well aware of the Power acoustik not being able to put out anywhere near 2.3k. It was tested that with serious voltage drop the Power acoustik did a little over 1.2k I believe. Yep thats shit for what it rated for, BUT 2 of them with better voltage less impedance rise as they were in my setup, yet the Audiopipe still did over a decibel higher. Means the audiopipe DOES do more than 2k. Which the Merlin was tested to do. Which is the amp he is comparing it to in this thread for an spl build. Yes i also know the there is more than power output to db readings on the TL. BUT i guarantee the Audiopipe will do a higher number and is just as reliable. /thread
  10. Apocalypse boy

    Audiopipe 3000d or US Amps Merlin MD-3D???

    It may be a bit better in build quality BUT. It will not put out more power than the Audiopipe, Won't do a higher number on the meter as the Audiopipe, Plus it's just as reliable from what i can see. You saying Audiopipes are crap right after saying you can't tell the difference in quality on low tones with class D means exactly what? This thread isn't referring to audiopipes class a/b amps is it? You can't tell me there was other factors involved. I pulled the two amps out and put the other in place right after. What other factors was involved other than me removing 1 1/0 gauge wire from the distroblock? If anything it's making the audiopipe look even better because the only difference was the PA's were running at .35 each and the Audiopipe was running at .7 a channel. The audiopipe is rated at 1500 @ 1 ohm and the Power acoustik is rated at 2300 @ 1 ohm and it was running at .35.....
  11. Apocalypse boy

    Audiopipe 3000d or US Amps Merlin MD-3D???

    I know son...
  12. Apocalypse boy

    Audiopipe 3000d or US Amps Merlin MD-3D???

    Lol at the people in this thread. THis guy said he was NOT looking for a sq build. but decent power for an SPL build. The Merlin wouldn't touch the Audiopipe in terms of power nor output. As far as the ton's of dirty power. No, don't think so, wheres the proof? May not be the cleanest but tons of dirty? The only two amps i can compare to the Audiopipe are not the best amps but it's just to give an idea of power. Previously i had 2 Power Acoustik a3000db's strapped at .7, and the Audiopipe was up around 1.x db running at 2 ohm's bridged, but it sounded a lot more intense AND cleaner. Also had a Hifonics 2600 Brutus. Don't have any numbers to compare the two but once again the Audiopipe sounded cleaner and louder.
  13. Apocalypse boy

    22" dub C.R.E.A.M. Floaters

    Yehh understand all that but you really can't compare DUB prices down here in Florida compared to places like Louisiana. 24" floaters go for around 3500-3800 down here new in the box now and even lower since everybody's hopped over to Forgiato's. You go up outta florida and the prices get a lot more rediculous for DUB's..Gl with sale.
  14. Apocalypse boy

    Avalanche Build

    Lemme know how those kappas do talk wise. Been saving to order 4 B&C's but will rather much go with kappas if it's the same volume wise and i can order those now. Obviously they won't be 15's though lol.