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  1. Trying to find more demo type music I can daily bump to and get my fix with, besides just slowed stuff. I like boosted stuff for example- country, some r&b I guess, local hawaii stuff like pirates of liloa. I have got160s stuff and russticals, decaf but I have favs and don't dl the others but I randomly see vids of boosted stuff not slowed or anyone dropping their name like this European of some sort I imagine, rocking some taylor swift boosted but not really slowed Don't go on fb and really yt can be pretty time consuming but I do still watch hrs of it for a couple songs randomly lol. That one tho someone did ask looked like the only reply he got was decaf which isn't what that was... guess I'm looking for some clean boosted media, my phone bill also got rediculous so I got my phone shutoff 2 weeks ago lol at $1,088 they can fugg off. Another reason to dl more stuff. Also goto a few spots here that have 0 service anyway out in the boondocks where the fun begins. Thanks for any help in advance peeps!
  2. HawaiianBassHed

    Alternator Blowout Sale!

    How bout a 6 phase hairpin 4.2L trailblazer 04 but 90% sure all the inline 6/4.2L are the same almost everything is except ext use a shorter belt perfect for swb with smaller pulley alt. Thanks
  3. HawaiianBassHed

    SQL for 07 Chevy Trailblazer

    I ran a few different sub stages in my last trailblazer. I just got another one monday, an 04. I recommend reinforcing the roof as well as getting an alt from like dc power say an xp270 I'm guessing you have a 4.2L since it's more common. https://www.dcpowerinc.com/fit/Chevrolet~Trailblazer~2007~4.2L-I6/8498-270-xp.html doing big 4 and a couple nice deep cycle batts. Northstars are on black friday sale at gp Best Car Audio AGM Battery I'd say minimum 1 run 1/0awg from the front batt to the rear. Last TB I did 2 and probably will in this one. I run an ampere 5000.1 on sub duty and mids/highs I change up a bit but currently have a rockford T300-2 or something, birthsheeted 900rms 14v and is 1ohm stable. If you're like me you'll want to quiet as much of the rattles a big system will do to a TB so I'd recommend buying whatever deadener you choose in bulk. I did 2 layers on my entire roof, than when it wasn't enough, I braced the entire roof by laminating it with 1/2" birch and rubber under broken loose supports including the one by front windsheild and rear hatch. You can get creative here. I used an old bodyboard fin since I already had it there in the ride. Far as subs n amp, I'm a budget guy, I got my amp used off ebay prior had a sundown saz3500 I also got used. Subs I got an sp4 15 used locally, a DD 9518 used locally a sundown zv4 18 locally. I liked the sundown though I've run fi for years. I still have a btl triple stack from years ago I recently reconed to a 10 a month or so ago. Really the box and install make a bigger difference than the gear when comparing similar equipment. In that respect, 2 12"s have more potential displacement and power handling than the same model in a single 15 and will work in a similar sized box. I'm supposed to be getting a pair of AA mayhem 12s soon locally (going to try to get rid of my btl first) and plan to do the roof of my new TB again as well as add more weather strip to the rear glass and the other stuff mentioned above + more I forgot already. I'd share pix but photobucket doesn't allow offsite hosting anymore or whatever tf it's called. You'll also want a voltage meter at the dash somewhere, I ran mine off my amp inputs to know what my sub amp was seeing. Anything above 1,500rms I'd recommend an GOOD alt, not just some fleabay "big alt" or local car place, a proven, name brand big alt. Someone local perhaps if it's like singer, mechman, dc power ect. As for the recommendation of X12s, if you can't find them for less on CL, try droppinhz they got some used ones on their sale section I noticed https://www.droppinhzcaraudio.com/products/category/closeout Laters
  4. HawaiianBassHed

    Sundown X15 V.2 or Sundown Z15 V.5

    This is the classified section... you need to learn how to use the forums better or you'll have a harder time learning to do a stereo correctly imo it's quite a bit harder doing a decent install than finding the proper sections on a message forum... Subwoofers
  5. HawaiianBassHed

    Buss Bars

    Got um! Thanks a bunch, gonna go leave a feedback for ya!
  6. HawaiianBassHed

    Buss Bars

    Lol Thanks for the bars! Lmk when they go out I'll lyk when I get um!
  7. HawaiianBassHed


    Watch ur local CL. I just picked up a kicker zx1000.1 for $100 two days ago and typically ***** is waaaay overpriced here. Got an mtx 9500 12 with the crappy sledgehammer box for 150 too. Was a temp setup after I pulled my big stuff to sell my ride. For 250 it's an ok substage. I could do something with a brutus 15, I was on team maxxsoincs a few years back, they're ok subs imo. Similar to a cvr maybe far as a known mainstream sub or an mtx 5500 or maybe 7500, rockford p2 maybe, should be able to get a musical setup into the low 140s with it in a decent build. I did 140s with a single 10 on a PG xenon x600.1 amp in the 30hz region out of a jetta trunk, full stock electrial not even big 3. In a box I originally built for a 4hp 12" tuned to like 28hz iirc. Dual layer all sides and port braced entire length. Might have some sh!tty vids if the setup somewhere but originally it was in roe (realm of excursion) which I haven't been on in years. Won at least one 1st place with that slapped together setup lol. Anyway, I think I'd look used locally on CL. If not the AP mentioned or the cab1600 like mentioned are both nice and I'd toss a coin for either really. The AP amazon prime to HI would take it for me against paying $80 to ship a >$200 amp. But you wouldn't have to worry about that part. GL