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  1. 60ndown

    Need Box Plans

    1.6 @ 35 = 1.6 cubic feet tuned at 35 hz. 2.2 @ 32 = 2.2 cubic feet tuned @ 32 hz. everyone starts somewhere
  2. 60ndown

    Need Box Plans

    pick one that works http://www.caraudio.com/forum/enclosure-design-construction-help/137804-free-box-plans.html
  3. 60ndown

    Need Box Plans

    Imageshack - 2cubes29hz325sqin7bo.png
  4. Imageshack - 2cubes29hz325sqin7bo.png
  5. time 4 a new woman, or grow some balls.
  6. 60ndown

    $$$ WTB $$$ bass songs

    wow, i actually got that to work.(older version on my mac) thanks
  7. 60ndown

    $$$ WTB $$$ bass songs

    time is monies, and im crap at puters, happy to pay $$ for disk
  8. looks like im going 4.5 @ 28.6 thanks for all the help
  9. i want an mp3 disk (1 disk) full of all the popular bass songs peeps use to wang low hz. i have paypal ready if you have a bunch of that kinda music, and want to burn/sell me a disk pm me and we work a dealio $$
  10. buy it and sell it to one of us then.
  11. 60ndown

    Seal a Ported box

    seal the box port with wood and screws and caulk. take 1 sub out, put inside the box some scrap wood (2x4s) 10 inch lengths, about 15 or 20 of them, glue and screw them down. put sub back in, your box will now have tighter bass.
  12. ive had it in a sealed box for about a year, it can definitely do sq. just looking for more down low.
  13. i know use the search, your a noob, etc can i do better then mos free design or is it good enough for a nice loud sq build? in a van. im loking for as much sq and output as possible from 60-20 hz Imageshack - 3cubes30hz465sqin6xu.png