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  1. damanTO81

    TC3K101 Feedback

    very good guy to deal with, he sent me exactly what he said he would a working speaker not much of a downgrade from what I had for a blown sub for him to use as a project. Ship quick and even sent me an extra dust cap and the glue incase I wanted to change it and that wasnt even discussed as part of the deal. Kept in constant contact during the deal.
  2. damanTO81

    Eclipse Titanium Pro 15

    got a video on my phone but cant get it uploaded to my computer
  3. damanTO81


    aluminum titaniums have different basket
  4. damanTO81

    Eclipse Titanium Pro 15

    only five votes not going to do it
  5. damanTO81

    Eclipse Titanium Pro 15

    nah i like it just need better box to get louder, geting some votes for videos guess ill be working to get those up soon
  6. damanTO81

    Eclipse Titanium Pro 15

    anybody going to vote if no one wants to see it im not going to waste my time video it.
  7. damanTO81

    Eclipse Titanium Pro 15

    Got it hooked up and running, had a slight problem at first due to one of my wire terminals missing the screw but got that fixed and got it working, It sounds good on that amp just not as loud as I wanted so probly going to port in the near future, Im going to try and post a video if I can do it on my phone and get it up on the site thats my only form of video recorder I own so Ill se what I can do.
  8. damanTO81

    The Worst Sub

    Volfanhag its horrible, and I agree with the kenwood tornados they sucked pretty bad, Audiobahn I have to say Ive heard good and bad so wont consider them the worst.
  9. damanTO81

    recone question

    can anyone help with this
  10. damanTO81

    To many choices

    go with the bad ass ebay sub.
  11. damanTO81

    recone question

    Ok so it doesnt really aply now becuase my Eclipse sw9152pro is still in working order but I was wonder if I were to decide to do a recone if something happened to it or just decided to go for something different is it possible to have a different company do a re-cone on that motor or would it have to be an eclipse re-cone and does anyone know if eclipse is even still reconeing them.
  12. damanTO81

    Eclipse Titanium Pro 15

    The only problem I ever had with it was the set screw came out and the motor and top started to come apart and I didnt notice it until I took it out the box to change it luckily no damage.
  13. damanTO81

    Eclipse Titanium Pro 15

    When I had it ported with about 1800 to it I did a 143 on my dash at a local shop that held a small event. Never got it checked when it was sealed with like 2000 to it but it sounded about the same and Im thinking with that amp I should get at least 2000 maybe 2500 to it the amps rated at 3200 by 1 @ 1 ohm.
  14. damanTO81

    Eclipse Titanium Pro 15

    my surround is perfectly fine and its 3 years old.
  15. damanTO81

    Eclipse Titanium Pro 15

    Already have it, it was one of the cheapest with the power needed, the others were hifonics, and I think legacy or something and I didnt want to go that route. Ive heard good things about power acoustik before so went with them.