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  1. what brand subs are those?
  2. i had 7 power and 7 neg ...on 12k rms ..
  3. boom24

    SQ in the Northeast?

    i think this will be a grate idea to get more people out to the shows ...i hopw all goes well..steve call me later on i gutta do testing in like 2 weeks
  4. boom24

    brain fart

    U ever herd of having a brain fart...if ur gunna come on my tread and try bashing me ..go **** urself ..I had a simple ? That I asked for help with..u never have asked anyone for help..
  5. boom24

    brain fart

    help would be appreciated
  6. boom24

    brain fart

    it makes sence to be abel to do 1.34 but its not comeing to my brain i know i can do .67 but thats way to low dail on a orion 2500d and 2.67 is to high wont make enough power..
  7. boom24

    brain fart

    yea even that digram says 2.67...id like to get 1.34 but how??a diogram would be helpful
  8. boom24

    brain fart

    really how?? and thanks
  9. 3 dual 4ohm subs what is the lowest i can wire it to..does 2.6 sound rite??
  10. just like the title says i need 3 12s gunna be powered by a orion 2500d..lmk what u have..i cnt spend more than 450shipped its for a cheap customer
  11. ive got a kenwood excelon x991 forsale with ipod setup..lmk if your intrested
  12. dont wana sell out rite just yet if its not traded by friday then i will sell it
  13. I have a Kenwood excellon x991 that I wana trade for a flip out or double din ...it has the ipod adapter and has no scratches and has3 years left on a warranty from crutchfield has the original box manual and the remote