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  1. jrouter76

    WTB broken amplifiers

    i got 24-ch amps,one is a kickerks-800.4 and the other is a ppi dcx-1000 4-ch amp it is big and heavy if interested i can take pics will need some time i have to dig them out,need email addy to send pics,the weight of both amps is over 40lbs.
  2. jrouter76

    Mechan-Less HU

    Hey what the hell are you saying dude I asked as simple question , but you what screw it really a Vortex ,wow sorry if i butt-hurt you.
  3. jrouter76

    Mechan-Less HU

    Ok i just looked at your signature and see the 62ute Head Unit....my bad... question does it sound just as good as my CDA-9815 HU I currently have I know it has 4 more EQ bands and no CD-Mechancism Transport...what are the limitations of the 62-ute-bt?
  4. jrouter76

    Mechan-Less HU

    Yes I noticed that too,Alpine has been downgrading their Parametric eq and it is hit as miss on some HUs..for instance i love the look of the 149BT hu and it doen`t have the 3-way x-over,but it has the 9-Band parametric EQ....whish they stop playing games, why not give people what they want Damn it!...Now do you have the 62 UTE-BT or the 162 Head Unit?
  5. jrouter76

    Mechan-Less HU

    How good are the Alpine UTE-62 Mechanic-less head units? are they good sound quality compared to CD-players with the same specs..3-way-xover, parametric EQ,thinking about getting one
  6. jrouter76

    Alpine CDA 149bt vs alpine CDA164bt ??

    No the 149bt IS NOT 3-Way active nor does it have the 9-band parametric EQ,Ye s Alpine screwed the pooch on looks for the 164bt and gave all the looks to the 149bt ,they should have given the 164 bt the looks also
  7. Can`t give you an answer but your old computer is still good,your mechanic lied to you,if you still have it maybe you can sell it to recoup some of your money...just a thought
  8. jrouter76

    Alpine CDA 149bt vs alpine CDA164bt ??

    th3 164 will give you 3-way-xover and 7 or 9 band parametric eq,I personally like the 164bt
  9. I got some of thos e my self,brings back memories,great equipment,I have a A600.2 in very very good condition.
  10. jrouter76

    Seas Prestige 27TAFNC/G

    sent you a PM
  11. jrouter76

    Seas Prestige 27TAFNC/G

    CHECKMeniscus website 41.00/per
  12. jrouter76

    Seas Prestige 27TAFNC/G

    now that`s more like it it they are still here by Friday the 9th I` ll snatch them up from you,good lk with sale.....to me lol
  13. jrouter76

    Looking for Seas Neo Alums Tweets

    Yeah I know,but trying to go a cheaper route...used!
  14. jrouter76

    Looking for Seas Neo Alums Tweets

    would`nt that throw the imaging off by x-overing at 2.5 khz ,or would those 2 tweets match up? and how much for the tweets
  15. Item(s) for Sale: Seas 27TAFNC/G(h1397) tweeter(s) ,looking to buy one or two what you got Item(s) Description/Condition: Price: Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Item Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less than 10 positive feedbacks with the i-Trader system or less than 10 references that you have sold to in the past. (These must be listed in your signature, or a link provided to a feedback thread listing these references)).