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  1. smgreen20

    Old school amp?

    Figure out what power you want/need, go from there choosing from those amps. I used to have/run a ZX450v2 and I'd love to have another one some day. They have benched around 110w/ch @ 4 ohms. As stated by others, replace the caps and you'll be "gold"en. Me, I'd go with the ZX450 to the four corners and the PPI A600.2 on subs.
  2. smgreen20

    Anyone use these mini amps?

    Yes, they wire the same. My co-worker has installed many of the Clarion amps that you're inquiring about. I've never heard him say that they get home, but they will do rated power and then some. I saw somewhere one was benched, but I do not recall the numbers.
  3. smgreen20

    Clarion cz702e

    Clarion has used the same 8 pin and 16 pin connectors for over ten years now. Your connector will work fine.
  4. smgreen20

    Need help finding better amp for my subs!!

    To start with you need a whole new setup. One of those subs is beating the **** out off the other one. Given enough time, one will fail. Personally I get (build/buy) a box for the kicker. I was not impressed by that Kenwood sub. What ohms are you wired to? It could be to low for the amp, thus the shutting off part.
  5. Clarion needs to move up one to the good solid group and Phoenix Gold needs to be added to that same group.
  6. Wow, I'd love to have that, but... I'm broke.
  7. I'd try an auction first without making the mods. People like myself would rather have it 100% original then 100% complete.
  8. What other models do you have off this series? I had intentions of bidding last week but work overwhelmed me.
  9. smgreen20

    Going Active, not so easy after all..

    If you live anywhere near Lafayette, Indiana, bring it over, I'll do the work for you free of charge In response to a post before this one, using the clarion 360 with the 702 is not needed unless you're after a 4way setup.
  10. smgreen20

    WTB: Clarion APA4300HX

    That's the one clarion amp that's top on my want list. The one on eBay had the Addzest badge. I'd think you could get the Clarion badge and swap them out.
  11. You'll want something like these car radio removal tool - Google Search
  12. smgreen20

    Lanzar OptiDrive Plus 150

    If I had the money, I'd take it off both your hands. Rob, you're a 30 minute drive away and I might actually need another 150. Mike, if you still have yours and I do get the money, I'd happily take then off your hands.
  13. smgreen20

    34" subwoofer

    And if your friends ever goes to sell them, I want one. It's one of the few rare things from clarion I don't have in my collection.
  14. smgreen20

    FS: Lanzar Optidrive

    These will do 1 ohm stereo/2 ohms mono but no lowerand to even run at those loads LANZAR HIGHLY recommends you have a fan on them. The xover is unity gain, what's put in is what it'll put out but for the sub channel output.
  15. smgreen20

    Lanzar Opti series?

    They are very tightly regulated, from 11v -16v there's but one watt of difference. THD is. 01%, S/N is >105dB, 250w x 2 @ 4 ohms, 500 x was @ 2 ohms, or 1000 x 1 @ 4 ohms. It'll do about 1500 x 1 @ 2 ohms but you better have a very stout electrical system and a fan on the amp is a must per LANZAR. These amps are not over rated by much, in fact the one 500 I see in a review did 1030w x 1 @ 4 ohms. I have all the reviews I could find posted at DIYmobileaudio.