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  1. psych0ticnemes1

    Honestly.... 2-12s vs 1-15?

    I wouldn't do it unless you add power. With the same power and similar cone area, I've always been louder sending it all to one sub vs. splitting it to two. Not worth the expense IMO unless you double your power, which is even more expensive.
  2. psych0ticnemes1

    Testing .5ohm

    Exactly. That amp will run at .25 ohm even, but it'll tank your voltage quick. It will run fine at a lower impedance as long as it has the proper amount of current available. If you find your voltage dropping too low, turn the gain down. Most folks who blow their equipment running a low impedance do so by not readjusting their gain and not paying attention to their voltage.
  3. psych0ticnemes1

    SQ HDC3 12 D2 - Houston Special

    Ah ok. Good luck with the sale!
  4. psych0ticnemes1

    SQ HDC3 12 D2 - Houston Special

    Are you sure it's dual 2? The motor says hdc3.1
  5. psych0ticnemes1

    Soundqubed HDC3 12

    ****, price went up between posts 4 and 5, lol.
  6. psych0ticnemes1

    xfl vs cvr New models

    There's something to be said for fully powering one sub vs. under powering two, or even under powering one. Though there's no harm in it, I've had better SPL results when I give a larger motor sub full power vs. under powering two larger motor subs. Granted, you could buy larger motors subs now and upgrade power later if you know you're going to. Otherwise, I'd try to at least match the rms rating of the sub(s). If it were me, I'd go with the Sundown SAs. I think they're perfect for what you're after. Good luck.
  7. psych0ticnemes1

    Soundqubed HDC3 12

    You should list whether it's dual 1 or 2. It looks to be dual 1 according to the magnet sticker.
  8. Hey man, long time no see. Would this fit a 2007 Pontiac Vibe? Are you the only owner? Edit: Nevermind. It won't fit. Thanks.
  9. psych0ticnemes1

    Sundown zv3 15 vs American Bass HD15

    I'd throw the hdc3 15" in with the mix as an option. It's the least expensive and basically identical to the HD. I can't say enough great things about the hdc3 line. I've owned both the zv3 and hdc3 and would give the edge in sq and low end spl to the zv3, but the the spl levels are very similar in their appropriate enclosures. I run hdc3 for daily and competing, mainly because I don't wish to spend almost twice as much for the marginal improvement in sound. Hope that helps.
  10. psych0ticnemes1

    Need some advice

    Hey man, post pictures of the sub out of the box. We'll be able to tell you what it is. Do you have a multimeter? If so, we can check the coil configuration. As for the amp, provide the model number and we'll tell you what it's actually rated for. Ignore max watts and look at the RMS wattage rating. Given that it is Power Acoustik, you can be sure it isn't putting out that much power but it'll give you an idea. If you really are a newb, we'll need to know everything. What's your electrical like, battery, wire, etc.
  11. psych0ticnemes1

    Geting Proper Port Area

    I was never able to get a good answer on this either. According to this calculator, I'd need 69" of port area at 35 hertz for a single HDC3 12". I'm guessing that's because of it's high xmax. That port would be enormous. Car Audio - PORT Size Calculations and Formulas for WOOFER and Subwoofer BOXES
  12. psych0ticnemes1

    FS: Two 12" Massive Audio Hippos, dual 2s

    NY, but I can get good rates. Let me know if you want a quote.
  13. psych0ticnemes1

    FS: Two 12" Massive Audio Hippos, dual 2s

    Possibly, yeah. Wutcha got?
  14. psych0ticnemes1

    2 SA 12s vs 1 American Bass HD 15

    With HD getting quite a bit more power, I might lean in that direction, but I'm a one sub kind of guy anyway. Whatever the difference, it probably won't be all that noticeable. It's all in the boxes.
  15. Item(s) for Sale: Two 12" Massive Audio Hippos, dual 2s. They come in the original boxes. They are in mint condition. Only used for around 6 months. Item(s) Description/Condition: 12" Dual 2 Ohm Hippo Series Subwoofer Power Handling: Peak: 4000 watts RMS: 500-2000 watts Impedance: Dual 2 ohms Kevlar fiber reinforced non-pressed paper cone with industrial textured finish Stitched edge to the cone for added strength Heavy duty, rugged industrial textured cast aluminium basket Over sizes mirror image dual poly / nomex spiders Heavy duty direct input wired connection to 3" voice coils Black anodized one piece pole-plate for added motor force Reinforced fiberglass woven dustcap for high power applications 320 oz. High energy double stacked strontium magnet structure Mounting Depth: 7-5/8" Sensitivity: 96 dB Price: $300 + shipping Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Buyer pays shipping Item Pictures: