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  1. BassAddictJ

    Kicker zx2500 or kx2500 $$ wanted

    wish i saw this, a kx 2500 just sold not too far from me....
  2. So I looked into it, these will no go via flat rate priority. So local only. no trades.
  3. BassAddictJ

    Memphis 16-st1000d

    just outta curiosity, which MTX's you got?
  4. BassAddictJ

    Memphis 16-st1000d

    Nice. Was this the same 1000d on offerup over in Bartow recently? I was eyeing that one.
  5. agm's typically have long lives, but like most things vary with abuse and maintenance ---------- Post added at 03:52 AM ---------- Previous post was at 03:51 AM ---------- love your setup btw
  6. BassAddictJ

    Wtb old school amps

    rockwood amp-980x
  7. we're few and far....usually lurking in the deep end
  8. not really. just wire them up like you would a 2nd battery, If you wanted to go an extra step you could find a solenoid that would separate the front and back battery when the car is off to prevent one from sucking power off the other. Pretty common practice.
  9. BassAddictJ

    WTB 2ch amp 75-200 watts/ch $150 or under

    Got an old school beauty. A very 90's korean made Rockwood 4ch. 85w rms x4 at 4ohm, 0.05% thd. Purple and ****. $175 shipped. Rare as ****.
  10. BassAddictJ

    Eclipse Ti 12 ( SW9122)