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  1. SubbinNCali

    Fs: 15" re destroyer / concept csp lmt-15 sql

    I asked because the CSPs are the 4 inchers and used with the Destroyer. The LMTs are the RE HC/3HP motors.
  2. SubbinNCali

    Fs: 15" re destroyer / concept csp lmt-15 sql

    3 or 4 inch coil?
  3. SubbinNCali

    Oldie but goodie!! Original RE SX 15"

    Those SX's were praised as fantastic subs! What did you do with it?
  4. SubbinNCali

    Out the audio game :(

    That *****. I would keep one thing for when you're ready to get back in the game.
  5. SubbinNCali

    wolfram got subs in.. i guess

    Yeah, those were definitely a game changer in the 8" sub world.
  6. SubbinNCali

    wolfram got subs in.. i guess

    As I was just reading the thread I was thinking the same thing! They turned out OK.
  7. SubbinNCali

    Subwoofer Getting Smelly After about 10 mins of playing

    The songs you're playing could be clipping where your think your HU doesn't.
  8. SubbinNCali

    Litium car audio batteries

    Yup, describes one of my current builds to a T! My real world experience..... I have a 70 VW Bug with a stock 65 amp alt, Sundown 6k, couple O/S MTX-Black and Golds for mid and highs all rated to deliver their power at 12.5 volts. I have two G34's (Yellow Tops) under my rear seat and had a Crescendo G31 where the spare tires is supposed to sit (up front). I would play into high 10's. Swapped the Crescendo for a JY 45.6. Now I play high 12's during same conditions. Exactly what I wanted. I'm not a numbers chaser, but do meter from time to time. My only regret is not going with the 80. I may add caps down the road too.
  9. SubbinNCali

    Sundown yardsale

    No, you shouldn't be. I've ordered from previous yard sales and sometimes I got notification, sometimes I didn't. I order knowing ahead of time it could arrive whenever. I've never been disappointed with the wait time. In fact, every time I order something I'm listening out for the FedEx driver to pull up like he's Santa.
  10. SubbinNCali

    2k to 3k amp difference?

    1k increase from 2-3? "Might feel" a little extra thump, but nothing close to dramatic, if you even notice at all. Now, if you took that same 3k and wired it at half (like others are saying to wire low), then probably something you'd consider "significant" but then again, everyone is different. Plus, you'd have to switch subs. Is all that worth it for a maybe?
  11. SubbinNCali

    What is your thoughts on the break in period?

    I don't hammer new subs right out the box, but I don't have a specific break-in sequence either. I first listen at lower levels and then ease into it more and more depending on how much I listen to it or warm it up. Some say don't worry about it. Some companies have detailed instructions.
  12. That Crunch Pro in the classifieds for $350, unless you want new.
  13. SubbinNCali

    FS Crunch GP3000D

    Sweet amp and condition! I currently use one in my daily. Doubt I would ever get rid of it. GLWS!
  14. Two way off the top of my head. Buy a sheet of thin abs plastic and create a better trim or go ahead and use what you have an then fill in the gaps from behind with something. Depends on how you do it, the ugly will be on the inside. Hell, be funky and trim it with LEDs of your color. IDK
  15. SubbinNCali

    Wouldn't 4 8s be louder than 1 15?

    [quote name='dudeogo']Ive already done 1 15 before. 4 8s sounds interesting and more cone area. Plus if I like it I could just swap to SSA F8ls which I would buy in the first place if @denim could hook me up with a coupon <3[/QUOTE] The 8's would be fun and surprise folks!