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  1. if possible to find one or a similiar sized sub amp shipped to hawaii 96746
  2. the controls on the viper dont work because the inputs dont work. the only way it does work is if i plug the rca's into the slave in and then run it in slave mode, but then i cant control it. so can i connect it to my orion as the slave amp?
  3. SAG3

    i cant decide!

    first i ordered a kenwood x693, but didn't get it. now im deciding between that and the x993 and the eclipse cd5100.. idk which to choose!
  4. Looking for another viper D1200.1 to hook up. or if not another amp with similiar power ratings. my zip is 96746 usps priority mail is the most cost effective.
  5. i currently have a alpine 9852 (not ai-net) and i wanna upgrade to something higher end. i was gonna originally get an eclipse or kenwood double din with built in sound field control but they're kinda expensive. the thing is that i want to have that processing but theres a problem. i just thought about getting another alpine ai-net h/u and hooking it up with my h510 processor but i dont know what i can control with it. is there somewhere i can look to see how i can control the processor through the ai-net? i already have the h510 but the controller isn't fully functional. i dont know where to find another controller and i want to know if i can control the different sound field's (hall, church, live, etc.) without the controller. help?
  6. SAG3

    broken rca's?

    ok well i have a viper d1200.1, it was going strong for a while but not anymore. the rca inputs started going out a while ago and i just had to jiggle them to work. now they dont work at all. i brought it in to a repair shop here and had them resolder the rcas. got it back and nothin... the only way the amp will play is if i plug one rca plug into the slave input, and if i do that i cant work the amp controls unless i run another (it's very quiet like this). what do i have to do? i opened it up, the rcas are soldered good, dunno what next.
  7. well i made this box today with my friend no pics of the actual box but i jus wanted to make sure that the plan was correct. i got the plans from the free plans thread and it's supposed to be 2.95 @ 34hz. also i accidently connected the two port pieces at the wrong spot, the shorter piece is mounted to the side of the longer port piece instead of to the end. what kind of effect will this have? i have a low level dd in the box right now running off of one channel of my highs amp and i think it's pretty loud and it doesn't sound like the messup had a lot of effect, just waiting till my sub gets here and i gotta fix my viper 1200.1 then i'll have pics and maybe a vid.
  8. SAG3


    my name is sage
  9. How do I adjust this? I can't see anything on the screen in the daytime and it's super dim at night...
  10. So, I bought a new EQ this morning and I was putting it in. After I wired it up, I was putting it into the dash under the CD player, I guess one of the power connections behind the dash got loose and it starting sparking. It stopped after a couple seconds and now when I try to turn on my CD player and EQ nothing turns on. I checked the radio fuse and it's fine and getting power. But, when i check the 12v acc wire and 12v wire to the battery, they both don't even have 1v going through them. I don't know where or how to start finding the problem... This fukcing sucks............. Is there anywhere that might have been a problem before for others? This is in a 95 Integra.
  11. Both of the units are single DIN size. What kind of kit do I need? Whats it called.
  12. Are there any coaxials that I can buy that won't distort and start bottoming out whenever I turn it up? Seems like everytime I slam it, I have to turn the bass all the way down or I'll be able to hear them bottoming out...
  13. and I walk into the shop and what do I see? RE boxes sitting down. They had some SR's and some SE's, and some components. I was like :eek: And on another note, they had a Solo X 18" hanging from the ceiling.
  14. So I'm driving home from work with my shit up kinda loud and then the bass goes off. I stop and check everything and come home and pull a fuse out of my Viper, it's blown. My system has been installed for almost two months and this is the first time anything happened. I haven't touched anything on the amp in a while, the settings on the deck were how I usually have them when I turn it up. What do I do?
  15. LMK k shootz. Or any of the Alpine EQ's with the DSP surround modes...