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  1. nauc

    Which Subwoofer

    id get the W6's, get loud, sound killer
  2. nauc

    Budget 12" SQ Subwoofer

    RE SEX, love my SE and HC
  3. nauc

    Subwoofer help Please!

    2 10w1v3s in 1.35 net will sound nice
  4. nauc

    Cadence quality

    yah, ive always liked my Fosgate amps
  5. check the wiring in the ported box. sounds like the wires are reversed
  6. nauc

    Cadence quality

    i had an older txa cadence amp, thing died on me. running Fosgate now. ive had several Fosgate amps for the last 20 years, no problems yet. picked up their R500x1d off Amazon for $115 new. things nice and small. does around 630 watts before clipping. scoped it myself
  7. nauc

    Need Some Advice From My JL Audio Fans Out There...!!

    1 12" w6 sealed, done
  8. nauc

    Trunk Rattle

    look around for anything that will rattle.... jack, jack handle, spare tire/mount, trunk hinge rails, i guess thats what theyre called (under rear deck?)
  9. nauc

    I'm so happy!!!

    tell her, you want known soso gear, or best bang for your buck gear 😄
  10. nauc

    JL Audio W7

    you can only run the 12w7 at 3 ohms, because its a single 3 ohm sub. yould need 2 or more w7s to get a different impedance good reads... https://jlaudio.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/sections/200842614-System-Design
  11. i measured the distance with a tape and tweaked from there. sounds good to me. tweets on the front 2 channels, mids on the rear 2 channels. gear in sig
  12. nauc

    Which Brand??

    Adire Brahma 😁
  13. nauc

    Best SQL Woofers?

    fwiw, i have an Accord sedan, took the rear deck speakers out, and face the sub forward...
  14. nauc

    Best SQL Woofers?

    what type/size box are your RE subs in? i love my RE SE
  15. nauc

    Music with Surprising Bass

    this hits nice