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  1. nauc

    Amps are staying on.....???

    sounds like remote wire is wired to constant, not key
  2. nauc

    Rear deck & front spkrs VS front only

    x2, id bridge the 4 channel amp, run the front speakers off it, and ditch the rear speakers. rear dash holes will let the bass vent into the cabin. thats how i always do mine. i dont like rears
  3. nauc

    The New 2019 Mazda CX-5

    omg ! that car is SICK! im buying 24 of them RIGHT NOW ! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. nauc

    Speaker set up for classic car Stag.

    which Alpine deck?
  5. nauc

    Help with new system

    why not run the Alpine MRV F300 amp to power the new speakers? id bridge it to get 150x2 new speaker budget?
  6. this is what id budget for, for good stuff, more or less... deck $300 front speakers $200 sub $250 amps $250 plus install costs
  7. nauc

    Which amp for Image Dynamics

    that shits gonna sound nice !
  8. nauc

    Quiet quality

    i took my rear deck speakers out, lets the bass vent into the cabin. hits hard, im completely happy with how it sounds as far as boxes, sealed almost always have a flatter response = better sq read this https://jlaudio.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204374140-Enclosure-Type-Performance-Comparison other good stuff to know.. https://jlaudio.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/categories/200265750-Car-Audio-Support
  9. nauc

    Quiet quality

    geetars! i have a Gibson Les Paul. love em. i hang here too.. https://www.mylespaul.com/forum/the-backstage.4/
  10. nauc

    Help me choose my setup!

    yah, you cant go wrong with Arc and ID
  11. nauc

    upward firing sub box help

    crank this, let us know. if it sounds good to you, thats all it matters
  12. nauc

    Quiet quality

    my setup. sub amp is mounted on right side of sub box. the Oz Audio 6.5" mid is in the stock location below the tweet. it wont win any awards but im content with it
  13. nauc

    Quiet quality

    you could get one of these JL processors.. http://intl.jlaudio.com/car-audio-processors id do that and a good set of component speakers up front, 1 10" or 12" sub in the trunk and an amp or 2. i have 1 12" sub in my trunk, still have plenty of room for a couple/few suitcases and shakes entire car with ease cars an Accord sedan. ill put up a couple pics tomorrow. its a simple, yet very nice sounding setup
  14. nauc

    Skar vs Taramps vs Kicker monoblocks?

    if its the reg Fi Q, its power handleing is 1750 watts. going from 1200 watts to 1800 watts will only get you about 1.5 dbs
  15. nauc

    Stealth installs?

    no, most people have deck faces they can take with them or hide. no real need for stealth systems i do have an eq under my seat. its mounted to the underside of my seat. you cant see it but its right there, easy to tweak a knob on the fly