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  1. my bad, didnt know what xovers the deck had
  2. you sure you got ground and power hooked up right?
  3. return mids and tweets and get a component set with xovers?
  4. actually, id run the front speakers off the 2 front amp channels. rears off the rear 2 amp channels. cause the amp doesnt have xovers for the tweets. 500hz isnt high enough for the tweets and use the focal xovers
  5. no, id run the fronts off the 4 channels, rears off the deck
  6. i would. i dont even use rear speakers
  7. nauc

    What bass knobs do you guys use?

    idk about clipping vs plugged in vs not, but i trust JL. ask JL. if anyone knows, they will
  8. nauc

    What bass knobs do you guys use?

    all you need... https://jlaudio.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/204374120-Amplifier-Level-Setting-Guide tones.. https://www.realmofexcursion.com/downloads.htm
  9. nauc

    What bass knobs do you guys use?

    what gear do you have?
  10. nauc

    What bass knobs do you guys use?

    i use my decks sub volume
  11. nauc

    Total Noob, Wanting to Learn

    x2, i wouldnt get new gear. id build a box for the 15" or buy one and run it only. i wouldnt run the 12" with it. no need
  12. nauc

    Honda Accord

    99 Accord here. love it
  13. nauc

    Whats going on with the SMD AMM1?

    test tones, dmm and calculator, all you need, newb ! 😁
  14. what dont you like about your Xcon?
  15. id forget rear speakers, subs more important. you can always add rears later, but i never run rears and dont miss it stock sub probably isnt very good. budget for sub? $200-300 will get you a pretty sweet sub. i like this https://www.ficaraudio.com/product/ssd-series-ssd12/