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  1. singlesubsetup

    15" subwoofer no t/s specs now what

    thought about sealed but I prefer LOUD over accurate . this system is mostly gonna handle rap hip hop edm. I want something to throw house parties. I had a get together for Christmas using 4 z2300"s and it was *thumbs up* 2 of my favorite z2300 videos (not mine)
  2. singlesubsetup

    15" subwoofer no t/s specs now what

    well this I know, but I'm glad you mentioned this, A LOT of ppl seem to think it matters oh well. WE know so I guess that's all that matters lol. Since I must pursue bass outside of car audio, I'm currently running 6 z2300's by Logitech for the lulz and let's say it SLAPS. Why mention that? Well they're using no name 8" in a small ported enclosure on low watts, I figure if I feed my 2 15"s 500 RMS each THAT should def get loud ! Anyway sorry for being long winded, it's Been a couple years since I've been on! I settled on 4 cubes and 35 Hz Thanks again!
  3. singlesubsetup

    15" subwoofer no t/s specs now what

    waste not want not. why buy MORE stuff when I have PLENTY of stuff to pick from right now that will certainly work? YES the reference to building the box was toward you. I know you build them and I figured you wouldn't mind. I guess I was wrong, more $ saved I guess :/
  4. singlesubsetup

    15" subwoofer no t/s specs now what

    I got sooo many subs sitting around and car audio is no longer an option. I could use my quad coil 15" atomic but that would be a bear to move around in an enclosure, also 2 L7 15's (not to mention the ported 10's in the pic) . figured my el cheapos would sound good in a big ol ported box
  5. singlesubsetup

    15" subwoofer no t/s specs now what

    good idea! Maybe have booming make the box :p
  6. singlesubsetup

    15" subwoofer no t/s specs now what

    hay I have 2 subs called valor 15" newegg discontinued 15 I would like to use them a HT setup using a rack amp rated at 1k watts into 2 ohms. The problem is the company who made them is out of business and an owner's manual doesn't exist. If I was shooting for a ported box what would be a good start? like maybe 10 cubes ported to 30hz? That seems to be a generic size tuning for 2 x brand subs. No I don't want the subs tested for exact t/s specs lol thoughts, on a box size /port tuning? thanks
  7. wow wish your mom would have swallowed you :/ scammer!

  8. singlesubsetup

    Spokane Auto/Boat Speed Show Sound-Off

    Thank you sir
  9. singlesubsetup

    Spokane Auto/Boat Speed Show Sound-Off

    I'm thinking about coming as a spectator. Can you give us the dates and times for the specific events? Like what day/time is the spl event. I might have to make the commute from sea-town
  10. I like the black paint, looks good
  11. singlesubsetup

    4 15's in tha impala pics

    wow are people (black or any other color) that stupid? Loosen the bolts so it can rattle more? facepalm
  12. singlesubsetup

    **Ascendant Audio wall**

    wow! nice work
  13. Hay I see you've been around (since 2003) and you design boxes How difficult would it be to design something for a mini van? (a wall about 45^3 @ 35hz?) I would like to build it outside the van and then install it. What do you think?

  14. hay just read your post here when I'm ready to get my deck installed, I can hit u up? btw I'm an old guy too :D (45 this year :)

  15. I'm confused based on what? I don't mind reading, especially when it's something I'm interested in. isn't that a good thing?