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  1. Looks good, reminds me of my battery toolbox. Thinking about doing it again, and this thread may have just re-inspired me.
  2. no one ever said you had to cut the circle in one pass...I usually make 3 passes. Taking about 1/4 inch per pass.
  3. Chevyaudio

    Aq HDC3 question

    What box is it currently in? Same box as the BL? How Much power is it receiving, and is the same power the BL was seeing?
  4. either a 1/4" Straight or Spiral upcut bit. The upcut bit will cut smoother, but a 1/4" straight will do fine.
  5. Chevyaudio

    which 2k amp is better?

    I've used the 20.1 many times and in many different applications, and im currently running an AQ2200, both in my opinion are great amps, and you couldn't go wrong with either. Also from what I have read, and seen sundown amps put out great power, and are backed with outstanding customer support. really going to come down to preference.
  6. This is why I use wireless power wire
  7. Chevyaudio

    Check my box math!

    Thanks for the help, I knew I wasnt crazy
  8. Chevyaudio

    Check my box math!

    going to sleep bump
  9. Chevyaudio

    Check my box math!

    Ok, so worked all the math out on paper, had the box right where I wanted it, right around 5 cubes @ 36hz...So I was just messing around on the internet, and saw this RE calculator, and either that thing is crazy, or my math is off. So can someone check my math... Box is 55x16x16 That gives a gross volume around= 6.509 Port is 14.5x5x25 That gives a port area around 72.5 Displacements are=1.586 (port and subwoofer) Net volume is 4.92 Net VB=4.9 Port Area=72.5 Port Length=25 Port has no bends in it...so its straight all the way down the box I get 35.2hz anyone else get anything different? Thanks
  10. Chevyaudio

    Quick Opinions Needed on Box Design For HDC312

    yeah that area above the port in the last to boxes is tricky...thanks for the heads up.
  11. So Trying to nail down a box design for my HDC312s. I have it narrowed down to 3 designs, and each of them have the strong points and also some have concerns. so here they are. first box is this one, ~5 cubes @ 36hz, I like how this box looks, and my primary concern is air flow into the port, the port is 4" wide, and it is 4" from the bottom of the box. Port exits front towards driver/passenger seats, subs fire up. boxes 2 and 3 are the same box, but with different sub placements. box 2 the subs are offset to one side, and box 3 they are equally spaced. box is 4.9 @ 35 hz port exits to passenger side, subs fire up. Port detail----- box 2 box 3
  12. Chevyaudio

    Think this set-up can do 150dbs?

    This thread is full of win.
  13. close enough...about 5 inches of lift up front and 4 in the back. and 35" mickey thompson baja claws.
  14. I doubt this truck will ever get metered...just something for me to do, to keep me busy for the rest of the summer. Also forgot to mention, this box will obviously not go under the seat, but the box will be made so that it is very easy and quick to remove so I can fold the rear seat back down to allow for extra passengers.